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Toshiba: Best Prices in Malaysia


Toshiba - Leading Innovation

Founded and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Toshiba is a highly diversified manufacturer and marketer. Their products range from consumer electronics such as laptops, tablets, TVs and DVD players to industrial products like LED display systems, transportation automation systems and motors.

In the technology space, the Japanese company is widely known for its line of laptops and it is the fifth largest personal computer vendor in the whole world, behind brands like Lenovo and Acer.

Toshiba Laptop - Mobile Solutions for Every Computing Needs

The three major lines of laptops coming from Toshiba are Toshiba Satellite, Toshiba Portege and Toshiba Qosmio. The Satellite series are laptops for general consumers and laptops that fall into this series have models that fit into any budgets and needs.

For those of you who are looking for a laptop that is capable of fulfilling your digital entertainment needs and thirst for performance intensive gaming experience, Toshiba Qosmio line of laptops is a good place to start searching for your idea monster machine. These laptops or notebooks can replace your desktop PCs easily.

If you prefer a Toshiba laptop that is highly portable with all the latest technologies in tact, you should start browsing for Toshiba Portege laptops. These are targeted towards business professionals and their stylish designs are perfect for those who are constantly on the road and meeting other people.

Toshiba Malaysia - More Than Just Laptops

In Malaysia, Toshiba is known for more than just laptops. Toshiba Malaysia is a brand famous for its reliable household appliances like LCD and LED TVs, washing machines and fridges.

Toshiba LED and LCD TVs feature a stunning display with brilliant mix of colors and clarity. They also come with Toshiba Net TV, an Internet entertainment functionality that allows you to access entertainment platforms on the Internet such as Youtube as well as social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Refrigerators or fridges from Toshiba are also popular among many households. These refrigerators come with Platinum Deodorizer, a maintenance free odour-absorbing system to keep your fridges free from unpleasant smalls. Most of the refrigerators also feature large compartments to store your groceries, vegetables and fruits.

Toshiba on Lazada Malaysia

From LCD TVs to laptops, we have everything from Toshiba here on Lazada Malaysia. Toshiba is a trusted brand in Malaysia and we want to make the shopping for their products easier. Browse around for your favorite laptops or electrical appliances from Toshiba today and stop worrying about how are you going to bring these large appliances home because we will take care of it for you!