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Brand: Toshiba
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Toshiba 32L3650VM 32" HD LED TV with USB Movie
Toshiba 32L3650VM 32" HD LED TV with USB Movie
RM 699.00
- 26%
RM 949.00
  • Super high performance engine to reproduce TV images. The most colorful images essentially maximizes your emotions. Every moment, CEVO Engine analyses and adjusts the picture quality of contents, and reproduces the TV images in more details and depth. You will watch the contents as real as possible for real visual entertainment.
  • Superb algorithm to enhance brightness. By this essence, TV is enabled to realize wide range of expressions of brightness.  Brightness of sunrise, texture of fruits, everything will look perfect when it shines “properly”. Finding appropriate brightness is essential for true picture quality.
  • Accurate picture contrast to show things as real. This essence emphasizes and maximizes the depth of picture color. As a result, any objects you watch on TV, you feel like they are there for real.
  • Crisp and clear images of fast-moving action sequence. When you watch fast-moving scenes, usually the picture becomes blur. AMR+’s complex algorithm helps to reduce it to capture every moment. You will not miss every details of sports or dynamic scenes.
  • Best picture setting is different by contents. TOSHIBA prepared 5 different picture settings to deliver best suited images depending on contents. By one push on remote controller, for example, you can turn to ‘Football mode’ which you will find the quality of picture as real as you are watching the game live in the stadium.
  • With Pro Theatre, you don’t have to adjust your lifestyle to watch what you want because we adjust for you. You can easily record and playback terrestrial digital TV programs with storage devices (USB Flash drives or HDDs)*. EPG (Electronic Program Guide) will help you search, reserve, and record your intended TV programs in very quick and easy manner. * subject to hardware and software specifications.
  • The spirit of Japanese craftsmanship pursues not only the best picture quality, but also the best sound quality. Pro Theatre series equip with 10W + 10W speakers to provide wide range of dynamic sounds. Various sound modes maximize your impression depending on contents, and you can experience that the best picture quality is enhanced by the best sound quality.
  • Pro Theatre constantly pursues a chance to be right by your side, even if it is a small chance. That is why Pro Theatre pursues the more number of movie extension format to support, and now it counts to more than 30 extension formats. Simple connection with a USB, the whole world of movie entertainment expands right in front of you.
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The Start of Toshiba

Kabushiki-gaisha Toshiba or we simply known as Toshiba Corporation is a global engineering and electronics corporation, founded in 1983 as “Tokyo Shibaura Electric K.K” through the merger of Shibaura Seisaku-sho (founded in 1975) and Tokyo Denki (founded in 1890). In 1978, the company name has been changed to Toshiba Corporation. Now, it is headquartered in two countries – Tokyo, Japan and Irvine, California. Their products and facilities include communications equipment and systems, information technology, electronics, power systems, industrial as well as social infrastructure systems, consumer electronics, appliances, medical equipment, office equipment, lighting, and logistics.

Toshiba in Malaysia

Being one of the leading consumer electronics and IT companies in the world, Toshiba is always working to constantly stay up-to-date with the current needs of their customers and the technology around them. For them, it is highly important for their customers to get the best of technology products that are available on the market and they stop at nothing in providing the best of their products for each and every product range that they produced and manufactured. Toshiba also considers the designs of the products that they released, as this is where most consumers usually base their first impressions. They come up with sleek, elegant designs but at the same time equip their products with outstanding features. You can find a number of different Toshiba products online from Toshiba fridges in Malaysia to Toshiba washing machines in Malaysia.

Why consider Toshiba?

  • Toshiba is one of the companies offers full high quality entertainment devices and appliances to your home
  • Toshiba produces wide array of products, from computers and storage, to consumer electronics
  • Toshiba holds high status among business workers and educational institutions for providing products suitable to their industry.

    Toshiba Tablets in Malaysia

  • Overview: Toshiba has had a distinction of providing quality computers that suit the need of business people and students. Their “workbooks”, coined by most workers, comprises sleek laptops, dependable netbooks, basic tablets, and diverse PC hybrids.
  • Tech Specs: The brand’s laptops run the latest Windows 8.1 OS, providing users with reliable specs and features like Office 365 and OneDrive storage. Toshiba laptops in Malaysia are also quite affordable, given that these have 500GB – 1TB internal storage, Full-HD screen resolution, and responsive processors made by Intel
  • Available Brands: Toshiba’s reliable line of laptops and tablet PCs comprises the dynamic Satellite laptops, the Tecra for business use, the Portege for students, and the high-end Kira Ultrabook. Toshiba is also home to a quality Chromebook.

    Toshiba TVs & Digital Signage

  • Overview: Aside from their quality laptops and portable computers, Toshiba also makes HD full resolution TVs for either personal and public use. Their LED televisions are all about design and durability, so much that major companies and businesses use the brand’s TVs as digital signage for their restaurants and promotional boards.
  • Tech specs: The brand’s TVs come in premium sizes, measuring from 40-inches up to 65-inches in screen size. These televisions stream Full-HD content on their LCDs, and can connect to any power source and other devices. Some of Toshiba’s TVs also exhibit 4K resolution, especially in their 65-inch TVs.
  • Available Brands: The brand’s TVs are all coded to determine which kind really suits you. Their TVs come as LED, Smart TVs, and Ultra HD 4K variants.

    Toshiba Hard Drives and Storage

  • Overview: This multimedia group also makes hard-disks, USBs, memory cards, and external drives that complement their highly reliable laptops. These storage devices are very durable, and can store a multitude of files on their system. .
  • Tech specs: Toshiba has a variety of storage devices, ranging from SD cards to USBs to hard disk drives, both internal and external. These drives carry different capacities maxing in 3TB for their hard disks, and 128GB in their smaller drives. Their USBs come in 2.0 and 3.0 versions, while all of their external hard drives connect via USB 3.0 with 2.0 compatibility.