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The Xbox Series: Bringing in New Technology Into Gaming

Almost everyone in today’s community has probably heard of the Xbox, either in passing or through their friends. This high-tech console system has been a staple of the Microsoft gaming since its launch in 2001. Three generations of consoles later, and the iconic brand is still making progress in the gaming community, providing newer methods of bringing in new ways to play your favorite video games, either alone, or with friends.

The Xbox series’ iconic milestone was met when the group behind the console developed the Xbox Live format, allowing players, for the first time, to play with each other through the Internet. The creative online structure wasn’t even conceived by the group, instead taking the concept from their dedicated fanbase and giving them what they really want in order for the industry to progress. This, in turn, made the console series the most connective and fun avenue for cooperative gameplay that many players would want to experience.

From the Xbox Controller to the Kinect, the Console’s Expansion is Fast

The Xbox series is highly praised for the console’s emphasis on multiplayer gaming, with the technology that they use all meant to make both online and offline cooperative battles more engaging and fun to play. The console is also known for its quick advancements in technology, with their peripherals letting you expand more on what else can be done with the console, and the games that come with it. The latest version of the Xbox in Malaysia is the Xbox ONE, the latest and most superior of the line thus far. The Xbox ONE is priced in Malaysia accordingly to the retail stores and online shopping sites that sell this very definitive console for all professional and casual gamers.

Why Go For the Xbox as Your Console?

  • The Xbox is one of the most iconic gaming consoles ever produced by an American group.
  • The Xbox series has set numerous milestones in gaming, from being the first to include online gameplay, to the addition of a camera on the console.
  • The Xbox brand brought people the iconic game series Halo among the other exclusive titles that you can only play in the console.
  • The Xbox price in Malaysia makes this one of the have-to-get devices.

    Xbox 360

  • Overview: The second generation of the Xbox is one of the more popular and most acclaimed consoles ever made. This is due to the impressive upgrades and add-ons put to an already classic Xbox console.
  • Features: The 360 greatly improves the gameplay and graphics of the console games to new heights in its Full-HD capability. The console is also the first to introduce and refine the Xbox Live server for their massive number of players.
  • Available peripherals: The Xbox 360 introduced the new Xbox controller with both wired and wireless variants that run on AA batteries. Alongside this, the 360 also introduced the Kinect Camera for motion capture gaming.

    Xbox ONE

  • Overview: The Xbox ONE is the latest and most technologically advanced console released by the brand. This eighth generation console doesn’t just include the technology for games anymore as this home device can also work as a proper multimedia player that can stream both online and offline content.
  • Features: The Xbox ONE primarily focuses on Full-HD gaming, with the highest graphics seen on a console. The brand has also made the console backwards compatible with the Xbox 360, allowing you to play the previous generation’s games on this upgraded system.
  • Available peripherals: The Xbox ONE comes with different bundle packages, all containing different games and accessories available with each bundle. The Kinect camera returns, alongside the newer controllers that come with the console.