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Canned, Dry & Packaged Foods

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MAGGI 2-MINN Chicken 5x77g (EM)
(66 reviews)
  • MAGGI 2-MINN Chicken 5x77g
  • Malaysia’s no 1 bag noodles and voted as best Performing brand by Readers Digest Readers Survey (2000 / 2001 / 2002).
  • Good range of great tasting popular flavours
RM 2.61 -33%
RM 3.90
MAGGI 2-MINN Tom Yam 5 Packs, 80g Each (SPECIAL OFFER)
(3 reviews)
  • MAGGI 2-MINN Tom Yam 5x80g
  • Enjoy the zesty blend of 8 specially selected aromatic spices in every bowl of MAGGI 2-Minute Noodles Tom Yam.
  • You'll love the sensational tastes of Thailand in a perfect balance of sour and spicy with every bowl of noodles.
RM 4.51 -13%
RM 5.19
MAGGI 2-MINN Asam Laksa 5 Packs, 78g Each (SPECIAL OFFER)
(9 reviews)
  • Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Asam Laksa 5x78g Multipack
  • Try other authentic Malaysian Noodles like Maggi 2 Minute Curry Noodles or Maggi 2 Minute Chicken Noodles.
  • Bringing you a taste of Malaysia, Maggi 2 Minute Asam Laksa Noodles are perfectly convenient for the snacking occasion.
  • Maggi 2 Minute Asam Laksa Noodles come with a noodle cake and an authentic Asam Laksa flavour sachet including soy sauce, chilli and turmeric.
RM 4.51 -13%
RM 5.19
MAGGI 2-MINN Letup Curry Cili Api 5 Packs, 110g Each (SPCIAL OFFER)
(3 reviews)
  • MAGGI 2-MINN Letup Curry Cili Api 5x110g
  • MAGGI Letup Kari Cili Api is made with a secret blend of hot chili extract and fragrant,
  • Authentic curry spices to give you the spiciest noodles experience in town.
RM 6.22 -13%
RM 7.16
USA Dried Apricot 1 kg
(3 reviews)
  • Organic apricots are a powerhouse of potassium, an essential mineral that helps the heart beat and prevents high blood pressure. A one-ounce serving of dried apricots contains nearly 10% of the recommended Daily Value (DV) for potassium.
  • As a rich source of vitamin A and E, these delicious dried fruits are great for boosting the immune system and improving skin and eye health.
  • They are also high in the mineral iron, which aids blood production and helps deliver oxygen throughout the body. Enjoy dried Turkish apricots as an energizing snack that’s great for your health!
RM 38.00 -32%
RM 56.00
Wp Kuala Lumpur
Free Shipping Above RM80! West Malaysia Only
(2 reviews)
  • Affordable
  • Good quality
  • 100% brand new
  • Please allow 13cm differences in product measurement
  • Due to different computer monitors/calibrations colors may vary slightly from the picture.
RM 7.89
(5 reviews)
  • Halal
  • Made In Malaysia
  • Easy and convenience to cook
RM 1.79
Wp Kuala Lumpur
(3 reviews)
  • No Artificial Preservatives, Flavour, Colours or Hydrogenated Fat
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Instant chicken and vegetable soup with croutons
RM 5.99
Wp Kuala Lumpur
Maggi Big Curry 2 Minute Noodles 5 x 101g
(3 reviews)
  • 100% Original
  • High Quality
  • Sold by Tesco
RM 4.99 -17%
RM 5.99
Wp Kuala Lumpur
Sambal Ketuk Warisan
(1 reviews)
  • Sesuai dimakan dengan nasi putih
  • bubur nasi, nasi himpit & dijadikan perencah nasi goreng
  • sedap
RM 15.00
  • Cap Ketupat Super Special Tempatan 5% 10kg
  • Sold by Tesco
  • Suitable to serve during Hari Raya or Open House
RM 26.00
Wp Kuala Lumpur
Uncle Sun Chili Crab Noodle, 440g
(1 reviews)
  • Two piece noodle
RM 16.90
Langgri's Sambal Cendawan Shiitake
(1 reviews)
  • Vegetarian 200g contents No MSG
RM 9.90
MyLittleBorneo Tongkat Ali Slices 100g 东革阿里 黄片 100 克
  • Natural Male Fertility Booster
  • 100% Natural Tongkat Ali Slices
  • Sterilize
  • Dried
  • Clear and Clean Package
RM 29.90
Pillsbury Chakki Atta/Wholewheat Flour 1 KG
  • 100% Whole Wheat Flour
  • Stone Milled From India
  • Halal
  • Preparation Method included
RM 10.90
Wp Kuala Lumpur
Jati Padi Super Special Tempatan 5% 10kg
(8 reviews)
  • 100% Original
  • High Quality
  • Sold by Tesco
RM 25.99
Wp Kuala Lumpur
Serda Thai Instant Noodle Tomyum Kung Halal 30 packs
(8 reviews)
  • Serda Thai Tom Yum Shrimp Flavour specially for Islamic diet and every body Halal
  • Quantity: 30 bags
  • Serving size : 1 bag (60 grams)
  • Wheat Flour 70.00%, Palm Oil 12.50%, Sugar 2.50%, Chili Powder 1.08%, Shrimp Powder 1.00%, Galangal Powder 0.22%, Kaffir Lime Powder 0.18%.
RM 31.00 -52%
RM 65.00
Bariklana Classic Sambal with Anchovies - 2 × 300g
(1 reviews)
  • Ready to Eat (RTE) Sambal with anchovies.
  • Great with nasi lemak, lontong, bread and many other dishes.
  • 2 × 300g
RM 30.00
MyLittleBorneo Dried Small Shrimps 100g X 3
  • Dried 
  • Good Taste
  • Additional taste to dishes 
RM 18.30
Cintan Curry Instant Noodle 1 carton (6 Pack x 76g)
  • Delivery within Klang Valley only
  • A signature will be required for delivery, and you are responsible for ensuring you are able to accept delivery on behalf of actual buyer.
RM 23.75 -25%
RM 31.80
(1 reviews)
  • Perfect with Seafood
  • Pasta Made in Italy
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
RM 4.99
Wp Kuala Lumpur
[4 bottle] BB Food Jeedjard Tamarind Sour (Plum flavor) 250g
  • Original from Thailand
  • Extremely sour, sweet and very spicy.
  • Pack of 4 bottle BB Food Jeedjard Tamarind Plum flavor.
RM 32.00 -20%
RM 40.00
Ikhwan Ng's Halal Delight Frozen Ayam Salai berperisa Manis Madu/Frozen Bakkwa 1KG
  • 100% tiada pengawet digunakan untuk adalah rahsia produk. Hanya ayam segar digunakan semasa pemprosesan. 
  • Ayam Salai berperisa Manis Madu/Frozen Bakkwa
  • 1 KG
RM 85.00
Halal Banana Milk / Strawberry Milk / Melon Milk 200ml (6pcs / 12pcs)
(3 reviews)
  • < Halal Banana / Strawberry / Melon Milk 200ml > Option A : Banana Milk 200ml * 12pcs Option B : Strawberry Milk 200ml *12pcs Option C : Melon Milk 200ml * 12pcs Option D : Banana Milk 200ml * 6pcs Option E : Strawberry Milk 200ml * 6pcs Option F : Melon Milk 200ml * 6pcs
RM 24.00
MAGGI Royale Penang Seafood Curry, 2 Multipacks (SPECIAL OFFER)
(2 reviews)
  • A spicy fragrant chilli paste, made with real toasted 'belacan', sun-dried chillies, and nature's best aromatic spices, sauteed to perfection. 
  • Combined with a rich, creamy broth infused with the fresh taste of seafood, every bowl of MAGGI Royale Penang Seafood Curry brings you that addictive taste that keeps you wanting more.
  • From the charm of Penang's tantalizing street cuisine, excite your senses with every bite of this rich and flavourful curry.
RM 16.50
MyLittleBorneo Ikan Bilis Masin 100g x 2
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Strong Bones
  • Rich in Calciums
  • Rich source of Iron
RM 13.00
MAGGI Hot Mealz Kari Laksa Ayam 1 Bowl (SPECIAL OFFER)
(11 reviews)
  • Instant noodle in a bowl
  • Unique blend of 12 spices
  • With springy noodles made of Australian-sourced wheat grains
  • Deliciously creamy chicken-flavoured curry laksa
  • Comes with garnishes for a complete meal experience!
  • Just add 450ML of hot water. Wait for 3 minutes, stir and enjoy!
  • Fork is included for your convenience
  • Halal certified
RM 2.57 -27%
RM 3.50
Fresh Bulk Organic Chia Seed (1kg)
(12 reviews)
  • ​Nature's Complete SUPERFOOD
  • Source of Dietary Fibre
  • Complete Protein Source
  • High in Omega 3
  • Antioxidants
RM 38.00 -62%
RM 100.00
  • Mencegah kanser
  • Mengurangi kadar kolesterol dalam tubuh
  • Baik untuk penderita diabetes
  • Mengatasi anemia atau kekurangan darah
  • Sumber nutrisi yang cukup baik dan lengkap - Vitamin A, B, C
RM 55.00
SUPER - CUP NOODLES Seaweed & Mushroom Flavor (74g)
  • Variety of CHOICES                                                            
  • SATISFY craving                                                                                
  • DELICIOUS yet easy to prepare                                                              
RM 1.78
Peach Gum 桃胶 - 500GM
RM 33.00
Signature Snack: Pumpkin Cranberry Mix (170g)
(3 reviews)
  • about this snack
  • This snack is the perfect combination of healthy nuts, seed and dried fruits. This combination makes the snack a wholesome snack.
  • what this snack taste like?
  • This snack is a combination of small size nuts, seed & dried fruit. The combination brings a bit of sourness, sweetness, saltiness and lastly nutty flavor.
  • Ingredients: Cashew Nut, Almond, Lightly Salted Pumpkin Seed (Himalayan Rock Salt), Lightly Salted Sun Flower Seed (Himalayan Rock Salt), Dried Cranberries , Yellow Raisins
RM 18.00 -10%
RM 20.00
Wp Kuala Lumpur
Tempe Chips
(2 reviews)
  • Pasti sedap, enak dan lazat.  Kriuk Kriuk bersama Tempe Chips :) Terdapat dua perisa Original dan Pedas
RM 15.00
MAGGI 2-MINN Curry 5 Packs, 79g Each (SPECIAL OFFER)
(102 reviews)
  • MAGGI 2-Minute Noodles Kari 5x79g Multipack
RM 4.20 -13%
RM 4.84
  • Source of Fiber
  • Working with Nature
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
RM 7.99
Wp Kuala Lumpur
5kg Cap Rambutan Brown Rice
  • Healthier choice
  • Vacuum packed brown rice
  • Nutritious with source of protein, fibre and iron
RM 22.90
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Get the Best Tasting Goods That Will Last

If you want convenience for food preparation and cooking, then instant and packaged goods are for you to have. There are available canned foods, condiments, rice, grains, seasoning, sauces, marinades, gravies, pastas and noodles. Many homeowners purchase these items as these have longer life, good for long storing, and easy to cook. Dry food here in the Malaysia has been one of the most sought after as you have wide selection and come with delicious taste. These food are more popular during holiday season; however, you can stock foods for your own. Get one for yourself now and make the best dish now.

Best Deals for Canned, Dry, and Packaged Food in Malaysia

Dry packaged food in Malaysia is popular to many household. And if you are finding convenience to avail these items, then online store that offers effortless shopping experience is the one for you. In this medium, you have wide selection canned food and other instant items. You may even see the special ingredients that you have a hard time looking in grocery. Here, online shoppers like you can take advantage of big discounts. With this you can save cash. Placing your order here is easy and safe. Wherever you are in the country, they will deliver your chosen product because of the nationwide shipping service. Experience theses all and have the best deal for these foods items.

    Canned Foods

  • Products: There are available canned goods like soup, fish, meat, and fruits.
  • Uses: Most of these are used as an ingredient to cook the best tasting meal for your family.
  • Features: All of these are guaranteed fresh, authentic, and new for safe consuming. The can is aluminium-free and have no possibility to rust.

    Dry Foods

  • Products: There are available pasta, noodles, grains, rice, and many more for dry foods.
  • Uses: The available dry food are convenient to be cooked as delicious dishes. These are all great for family meal time and special event.
  • Features: These food items are made to last long for storage. All still taste great.

    Packaged Food

  • Products: There are available packed grains, herbs, spices, seasoning, and meal. There are also jarred food items available.
  • Uses: Packaged foods are good dishes you can serve to your family; some are essential ingredients.
  • Features: All of these are authentic, fresh, and packaged for safe eating.