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Car Covers in Malaysia: Keep your car clean

When vehicles are unused for long periods of time, they can become dirty from weather conditions such as rain, wind or simply dry leaves collecting. When you park cars indoors, you always run the risk of it collecting dust, amongst other unwanted particles on its hood or body. For instance, if you have ongoing paint or construction work, that can take a toll on the cleanliness of your car. During such times, make use of a car cover to protect your vehicle. 

Car covers are the most important accessory that you must purchase in order to keep the vehicle in a proper condition. Car covers are products of good quality- they have multiple layers and made from a variety of weatherproof materials.

Why should you consider purchasing car covers for your valuable vehicles?

  • Convenience:-The car covers are weatherproof and protect your car against all natural elements. They are made of nylon and PVC coating material which makes them water repellent and effectively prevents rot or mildew. They can be easily machine washed when needed. The breathable, double stitched material fits snugly around the car. These covers are also equipped with an adjustable front tie-down strap for a more secure fit.
  • Versatile protective film:-The anti-scratch protective films guard the paint on your car door handles and bumpers from getting scratches. These protective films are made of non-toxic and eco-friendly PVC and polyurethane material that has a high viscosity and a strong wear resistance. They can withstand temperature changes ranging from -30 degrees to +80 degrees Celsius.
  • Windscreen covers:-The car windscreen covers safeguards the windscreen, mirrors, and side windows of your car. These windshield covers are made of crack-resistant and colourfast polyester. The water-repellent windshield cover prevents snow and ice build-up.


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