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The Baby-G: Casio’s Answer To Women’s Outdoor Watch

Most people wouldn’t deny that the G-Shock is one of the most popular lines of the Casio watch. This very durable and dependable timepiece for men has proven its worth as both a sports watch for athletes, and as a casual watch for the users. This multi-functional watch is also crafted with a very rugged, yet very appealing design that shows its dependability. Now while this line of premium watches is sitting on a high pedestal, it is also undeniable that this device is more exclusive for men, given its bulkier look. To compensate for this, Casio introduced the Baby-G for their female target audience.

The Baby-G Brings Dependability and Empowering Features to Women

Now, don’t take the watch line’s name too lightly, the Baby-G watch has all the capabilities of its counterparts, right down to the multifunctional interfaces, its glow in the dark features, and shock and water resistance. The only difference that this brand has to offer is its much more refined appearance, and more comfortable form-factor, fitting the woman’s wrist better. The Baby-G also excels in the design aspect, as it's much sleeker look is accompanied by a number of different color combinations and attention-grabbing models. If you are looking for a beautiful, yet strong wearable, that you’d wear anytime, you surely wouldn’t go wrong with selecting G-Shock, but you can also choose to get a Baby-G watch for your female companion.

Why choose Baby-G Watches?

  • The Baby-G line is closely associated with the dependable G-Shock brand.
  • Baby-G watches have the similar high durability and toughness as the other sports watch.
  • Baby-G doesn’t just have variety in their uses, but also in their design.
  • Like the G-Shock, this watch caters for all types of athletes and adventurers.

    Baby-G Digital

  • Features: The more common of the two variants, this digital watch comes with the similar features as the G-Shock. This includes the 24-hour format, glow in the dark, stop-watches, and full auto calendar and day interface. This watch is also shock-resistant, and waterproof up to 100m.
  • Uses: This watch is designed more for the female athletes, who would need the watch to time their activities. While not built as a smartwatch, this timepiece is also much reliable due to its accurate time-telling.
  • Available Colors and Design: Unlike the G-Shock, this digital watch comes in various designs, all much sleeker than the rugged G-Shock. This also allows for a mix of different colors between each wearable.

    Baby-G Analog Watch

  • Features: the Analog Baby-G line makes use of the Japanese Movement, on a much rugged design. The watches’ glow feature focuses on the hands, with the number’s designs carefully, yet creatively drawn to make each watch unique. The casing and straps are quite similar to the G-Shock version, albeit much smaller.
  • Uses: Unlike the digital version, the Baby-G Analog is much less common to get by since there are more available analog watches for women under different Casio brands. Nevertheless, the brand’s proper watches are very available for those who want them.
  • Available Colors and Design: The analog watches all come in different designs, all maximizing the durability and effectiveness of the analog design. As stated, the creative numbering of the face makes each watch unique from the other devices within the brand.