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Sensation and Protection—All in Durex Malaysia

One of the most effective and common contraceptives that can be bought over the counter are condoms. This item serves as protection from sexually transmitted diseases and works as birth control to prevent unplanned pregnancy. Most people know that using condoms can give them a lot of benefits, however, most users don’t prefer using this as they thought it will lessen the sensation during the activity. This may be true for some reason, but there is a brand that is dedicated to providing couples adequate protection without hindering the experience, and improve the sensation. Durex condoms is an international brand that is dedicated to providing greater feeling during lovemaking. With their innovative products, they are hailed as world’s number 1 condom. You can actually have their world renowned products here in Malaysia.

Experience Greater Feeling with Durex Condom

Durex has been known as the most recommend brand for condoms. Meanwhile, this brand has a wide selection of other products for sensual use, such as lubricant and toys. Contrary to what people know, the brand does not only cater women; in fact, they manufacture products for both men and women. Furthermore, when it comes to the offered products, the brand also has available lubricants.

Correspondingly, it is important for you to remember that the brand does not stick to conventional things. They innovate their pleasure gels to enhance women’s orgasm and this leads to the creation of Durex Play O. This is a pleasure intensifying gel for women to get the intense and unique sensation. Similarly, the brand also has sensual item for men as well, aside from condoms, the brand also create Durex play. In this line of products, you have a variety of male pleasurable toys. Most of it are vibrators. Altogether, with all the adult products for sensation and protection, the available items under this brand are truly reliable and a must-have. So, it’s now time to have greater feeling and maximum protection with Durex Malaysia.

Why choose Durex Malaysia?

  • Durex is the world’s number 1 condom brand you can trust.
  • Condoms of this brand are made to provide greater feeling and maximum protection.
  • There is a wide selection of sensual items you can choose from, such as lubricants, adult toys, and condoms.

    Pleasure Gel

  • Items: Durex has a wide selection of lubricants and sensual gel for men and women.
  • Uses: These lubricants are great for added sensation and feeling during sensual activity. All of these solutions are great for all Durex condoms.
  • Features: Most of the lubricant and pleasure gel comes with different sensations. They are all safe to use and will not irritate your skin.

    Adult Toys

  • Items: Aside from condoms and lubricant, the brand is known also for compact sensual toys, such as male ring and vibrators.
  • Uses: The adult toys offered by the brand are great to add intensity and pleasure during lovemaking. They are customized to satisfy sensual pleasure.
  • Features: Sensual toys of this brand are made to have satisfying and easy to use features.


  • Items: There is a wide selection of condoms in this brand; they mostly vary on sensation and thinness of the material.
  • Uses: Durex condoms are great for maximum protection; however, never lessen the fun and sensation. In fact, these condoms provide great feeling.
  • Features: Here in this brand, you can assure that the condom is durable no matter how thin they are. All smells better, easy-on shape, and dermatologically tested.