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The English language is one of the oldest languages in the world, as well as being one of the most widely spoken. It can trace its roots back to the arrival of Germanic (Anglo-Saxon) tribes in England in the 5th Century. One of these tribes actually gave the language and the land their name (the Angles tribe).

English Didn’t Just… Appear?

The name "England" is derived from a term meaning "Land of the Angles" (Angle-land) with English being the language that they spoke. This era is known as the Old English period, with its roots in words from languages such as Latin and Germanic tribe languages. To say it was a cohesive language would be erroneous, as it was more akin to a group of similar sounding dialects spoken by these Anglo-Saxon tribes of Great Britain.

German Plus Latin with Weirder Pronunciations?

Yes, up to a point. However, with the conquering of Britain by various other kingdoms throughout the middle ages, English was heavily influenced by North Germanic dialects and the Romance language of Old Norman. More and more words were absorbed, with another layer of complexity being tacked on to the language, with vocabulary taken from French for use in courts and government. This ushered in the era of Middle English.

What About the English We Use Today?

This form of the English language was ushered in with the publication and widespread distribution of the King James Bible, and the popular works of William Shakespeare, with linguists estimating the 1550's to be the start of the era of Modern English. It was during this time that publications of works started becoming more widespread, and the beginnings of what would eventually become the British Empire.

English evolved to be an absorbent language, which had the capability of assimilating new words very easily, with simplified grammar and sentence structure. The expansion of the British Empire hastened not just the spread of the language, but also the inclusion of new words, with the Oxford English Dictionary as of March 2012 recognising 250 thousand words. Today, English is the world's most widely spoken language in the world.

English Books - This Is How the Language Gained Its Prime

With the British Empire spreading out to all four corners of the globe, English could be read and heard wherever the sun shone. The British made efforts to educate the locals on their language, to ensure communication would not be an issue. A lot of colonies, that eventually became nations, retained the use of English to make their dealings with the international community easier. It also helps that the world's last remaining superpower (the USA) speaks in English too.

Consequently, English literature and books are read and studied the world over. From the works of Shakespeare to the best-sellers of John Grisham, ranging from the comic book universes of Marvel to the diverse landscape of Academia, English books cover every spectrum and aspect of life, real or otherwise, with ease.

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