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Stay Fit with Exercise Bikes

Fitness bikes are used to maintain the recommended 60 to 100 minutes of cardio workout per week in order to maintain a healthy mind and body. Buying a cardio bike may be a little pricey at first, yes, but it will pay off later as it can save you the expensive gym fees. This kind of bike gives you a good cardio workout by copying the feel and benefits of biking outdoors. This is an easier option for those who need a regular workout and those who have joint problems or previous operation.

Cardio Bikes for a Fitter You

Most exercise bikes have cool features that can help you enjoy your workout, you can basically choose your bike according to the style and accessories that the units have. There are bikes that have cooling fans, pre-programmed workouts, built-in entertainment like TV, MP3 or speakers, and interactive games — all of these add-ons can help you enjoy the exercise. Look for units that have foot resistance and good brakes or resistance so that you can have a more enjoyable workout experience.

    Recumbent or upright

  • Features: This stationary bike looks like a conventional bike with wider, flatter seat and a backrest
  • Uses: It is ideal for those who bike race
  • Advantages: It is easy to assemble and operate for a more comfortable exercise.

    Resistance type

  • Features: This modern type of cardio bike has a push-button adjustable magnetic resistance
  • Uses: This kind of bike is ideal for high-pressure stationary biking
  • Advantages: This kind of exercise bike has different speed levels that can help you achieve your fitness schedule faster.