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Bass Guitar Accessories For You

Do you plan to level up your music expertise? Are you a starter bassist? Do you want to invest on your instrument's accessories in order to improve the quality of your tunes for a better playing experience? You can find each of the available items in the market. Before you make a purchase, you can always ask your band mates or friends that are also musically inclined to find the best specifications for products that you are looking for.

Strike A Tune with the Right Accessories

If you are a newbie, it will be of great help if your guitar is affordable. This also applies to your accessories. However, if you are an experienced bass player, you may opt for guitars with electronics and noiseless pick-ups but when it comes to "pro" accessories, try tuners and guitar effects pedal that can give you a more distinct bass sound to accentuate the rhythm of your songs. Give it a try and reinvent your sound with the latest and most affordable bass guitar accessories.

    Guitar Amplifier

  • Overview: For most bassists, the guitar amp is one important music peripheral; made to amplify and enhance the music being played on the instrument
  • Features: A standard guitar amp has an input jack and headphone jack connectors, with a minimal set of controls. Among these is the power switch, the gain knob, and reverb knob. There are other controls that handle equalizing, including the bass knob, middle knob, and treble knob.
  • Available Brands: Some of the most popular suppliers of amps include RJ, Korg, Boss and Peterson, and Marshall

    Analog Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal

  • Overview: Professional guitarists need this foot pedal to change out the sounds of their instruments. Often called the RAT, these foot pedals bring out different frequencies, effectively affecting the sounds emitted when the instrument becomes louder.
  • Features : These effects pedals are often made of solid steel, colored slightly with different color-coded finish. A basic RAT has clear and warm vintage chorus sound, precise sound rate, and depth control
  • Available Brands: Some of the brands that do create ideal guitar pedals are Ibanez, Korg and Squier

    Professional Music Stand with Mic Boom Stand

  • Overview: Most bassists do not need extensive movement while performing. This is why they need a music stand or mic boom stand if they need to provide backing vocals, or doubling as the vocalist of a band. These are pretty much needed, especially when strumming while singing.
  • Features: A standard boom comprises rust-resistant metal, capable of reaching up to twice the user’s height. These are often built with professional quality, and strong bearing capacity.
  • Available Brands: While there are many brands that make mic stands, you couldn’t make any mistakes with the likes of Techno Tamashi