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Huawei’s Customer-centric Vision

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd is a Chinese company that focuses on networking and telecommunications equipment and services. They make sure that the customer is the center of every innovation through the strong partnerships that they establish. The company’s vision is to improve every individual’s life through communication and information. That said, the brand began focusing on the development of mobile devices that can be used by any person.

Today, Huawei’s phones are flocking the market, with each brand designed for very specific users. The Huawei Ascend is a dynamic mobile device that is customizable, perfect for casual use. The Huawei Honor series is a powerful mobile device sub brand that has the right tools for schoolwork and business use. The Huawei Mate, meanwhile, focuses more on form, providing a sleek and gorgeous exterior, comparable to other stylish phones. Whatever device you may want, you can be sure that Huawei in Malaysia has that one perfect phone for you.

Huawei Malaysia: Communication is the Foundation of Every Relationship

For us Malaysians, communicating has always been the foundation of every successful relationship. Technological advancement became a great help in keeping in touch with our loved ones. This is the foundation Huawei wanted in creating their electronic device. Affordability comes with their products, just to make sure that even the lower-class will still be able to enjoy chatting with their friends. If you are searching for the most appropriate phone for you, you can choose from the wide variety of Huawei Malaysia phones that you can buy from Lazada Malaysia, Malaysia's leading online shopping site. Here you can see for yourself Huawei Malaysia price list where you can be sure if you were to pick a phone from here, you will be getting the best Huawei Malaysia price too!

Why Should You Choose Huawei Products?

  • Their product is updated with the latest specs and feautres.
  • Huawei’s phones are known worldwide.
  • Phones are affordable, but their quality and durability are more than what you’re paying for.
  • Ranked as one of the most popular electronic manufacturers in the world.

    Huawei Smartphones

  • General features:The Huawei smartphones are the brand’s premium product. These devices run Android OS, and are built with the most powerful, and known hardware used.
  • Huawei Ascend series:The brand’s signature phone line. The Ascend has a multitude of different devices for all types of users.
  • Huawei Honor series:The brand’s most powerful device, in terms of specs. This sub-brand has the right tools for school and work.
  • Huawei Mate: In terms of visuals and physical form, the Mate is one of the more beautiful phones, with even more beautiful features.

    Huawei Tablets

  • General features:Huawei’s tablets run Android OS and have decent to fantastic features.
  • Huawei MediaPad M series: The brand’s reliable midrange tablet PC. The device has an affordable price, with exemplary specs.
  • Huawei MediaPad X series: Huawei’s powerful flagship device. Despite its high-end hardware, the tablet is quite affordable.

    Huawei Accessories

  • General features:Huawei first started as a mobile accessories group, which is a proper reason why the company also has the most proper and reliable accessories made for their mobile devices
  • Huawei Wireless Router : Huawei’s Internet device. This pocket Wi-Fi can run up to 150MBps, has a max GSM frequency of 1900MHz, and has 2G, 3G, and 4G capabilities.
  • Huawei Talkband: The brand’s smartwatch. This handy device can partner and enhance your Huawei phone’s user experience. This device can also help you with your daily exercise routine.