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Staple Watches by Invicta

Invicta is one of the first brands of wristwatches from America, founded in 1837 by Raphael Picard. The brand strongly believes that timepieces created with the highest standards can still be offered in affordable prices, thus, they continue to uphold this belief up to this day. The brand originally crafts automatic watches, but has since been replaced by the quartz during the 1970’s.

Invicta Watches are Great presents

Watches are more than just pieces of metal, leather, plastic, or rubber that can help you tell time, because they are also great accessories that you can apply to your everyday look. Enhance your entire OOTD with the use of Invicta watches that may embody a professional appeal, an athletic look, or a more casual design to them. Invicta Malaysia also make great gifts as they are modestly priced but came with great quality.

If you are looking for a new watch that embodies class and versatility, go for an Invicta watch. Their wide range not only includes watches for men, but they also make sure that they develop the perfect-fitting watches for women as well. You can be absolutely assured with this brand as they always equip their watches with world-class features and ironically timeless designs. If you were to read the positive Invicta watch reviews, you too would want to get your hands on the latest and most popular model watches by Invicta today!

Why choose Invicta watches?

  • The brand offers a wide variety of models
  • Unique functions and features
  • Guaranteed and well worth watches
  • Watches are made to each personality and lifestyle

    Invicta Vintage collection

  • Overview: Ever wondered what the Invicta watch looked like before? The brand’s vintage collection recreates the older styles of their timepieces and put them on the modern perspective of things of today’s users.
  • Specs and Features: The Invicta Vintage series of watches make use of Swiss quartz movement on a circular analog dial, protected by flame fusion crystal face, gold-plated steel casing, and leather strap. The watch also has water proof capabilities, resisting it up to 50m.
  • Watches: Some of the standard watches under this collection include the Vintage 215 watches, the Vintage 205 series, and the 901 watch series.

    Invicta I-Force collection

  • Overview: The I-Force collection was made with conviction. This series focuses on a watch line that has high-class design, on a much affordable price.
  • Specs and Features: The Invicta I-Force watches runs on Japanese quartz movement on a 44mm diameter circular analog dial. The watch comes with mineral crystal face, stainless steel casing, and leather strap. The watches also have 50m water resistance, and quite durable to last.
  • Watches: Some of the standard watches under this collection include the Vnewer I-Force 213 watches, the more rugged I-Force 201 watches, and the sleeker 901 numerical watch series.

    Invicta Pro Diver collection

  • Overview: Like its namesake, the Pro Diver series of watches are developed to function underwater. Pro divers can use this durable watch for their marine-themed adventures.
  • Specs and Features: The Invicta Pro Diver watches runs on Swiss quartz movement on a 43mm diameter circular analog dial with date and time. Some watches also come with chronographs. The watch uses flame fusion crystal for its face and stainless steel casing and strap. The watches also have 500m water resistance.
  • Watches: The Pro Diver’s most expansive series are the 215 watches. Other brands include the latest 21600 brand of durable marine timepieces.