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JBL T450 On-ear headphones (Black)  

1 Year Local Supplier Warranty
Warranty Information
The Warranty is covered by the Seller of the item and not the manufacturer of the item. It can be claimed only in MY and please ship your product directly to the Seller to claim warranty.

  • Product is not eligible for vouchers
  • JBL Pure Bass sound
  • 1-button remote with microphone
  • Lightweight and foldable design
  • Tangle-free flat cable
Choose a color: Black
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Product details of JBL T450 On-ear headphones (Black)

Specifications of JBL T450 On-ear headphones (Black)

What's in the box:
  • JBL T450 On-ear headphones (Black), Warning Card, Warranty Card
General Features:
SKU JB030ELAA9US27ANMY-20983464
Color Black
Size (L x W x H) 72x72x30
Weight 0.1
Warranty period 1 Year
Warranty type Local Supplier Warranty
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Rating & Reviews of JBL T450 On-ear headphones (Black)

Average Product Rating

4.5 out of 5
155 ratings 149 reviews
  • 5 star 98
  • 4 star 43
  • 3 star 10
  • 2 star 2
  • 1 star 2

Product Reviews

    nose bleed 3 months ago
    By Adrian Verified Purchase
    Powerful bass.. nice output sound.. before you comment negative about this headphones.. make sure you hear high quality sound using it. than you can comment. order yesterday evening 18/01/2017 received this morning 19/01/2017.. great services!
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    Sound not bad and fast delivery.. 1 month ago
    By RZ
    Order 6/3/17, ptg.. then smpai lps lunch hour 7/3/17.. mmg pantas utk category Economy Delivery.. Headphone ni bleh la tahan.. bass pn just nice.. treble pn ok clear.. ada certain headphone bass je melampau2 smpai suara pn x dgr.. jenuh nk tune balik.. yg ni sume bunyi cukup.. material dia jela nmpak cheap skit(maybe sbb harga murah).. lps tu saiz dia agak kecik especially earcup size.. kalo yg kepala kecik maybe rasa ok jela kot.. kalo yg kepala besar, akan rasa ketat sikit.. yg penting korang kene dgr lagu yg high quality sound, and then adjust mode dkat music player punya equalizer supaya dpt bunyi yg lg best.. jgn download lagu yg low quality sbb output dia akan jd teruk even korg pkai Pioneer DJ ori nyer headphone skali pun.. sesuai utk mereka yg nk berjinak2 main headphone sebelum beli audiophile punya headphone.. ada je brand lain yg murah, yg lg selesa, material yg lg berkualiti, output yg lg sharp dan meletop.. depends pada selera telinga korng la.. headphone yg branded mcm JBL ni kene beli yg harga atas Rm1k la bru dpt rasa beza kualiti dia.. rating aku bg 6/10 la..
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    Good Service and Product 4 months ago
    By Lee J. Verified Purchase
    The sounds quality is good, the pure bass is really a real good bass quality.
    Ordered at Sunday, and got it in the next day...very fast delivery.
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    Product 3 months ago
    By Ahmad Afiq
    Parcel safely arrived... good packaging... sound truly awesome... really good punchy bass.. high and mid just average... produce loud sound... but can be tweak using phone equalizer... can beat my beat audio mixr... fully plastic and good looking design... soft earcup.. awesome product..
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    Good enough 3 months ago
    By Pok Mat Tempe
    Bought both this jbl and bluedio on revo sale 12/12.sound both are good considering the price but i prefer the bluedio more because it is wireless headphone.the jbl headphone wire and jack stuff is annoying to me.both have powerfull bass.
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    Good product but... 4 months ago
    Got it on flash deal, which is very cheap. Product is plasticky, hence not so comfortable to wear, especially with spectacle on. But the sound quality - it beats my Sennheiser HD 202 & Philips CitiScape on the bass & volume part.
    Got delivery issue though - bought on 13th Dec 2016, then web updated delivered on 15th Dec, but physically received on 16th Dec
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    Nice lazada express.. 4 months ago
    By encik SombONG
    1 day order 1 day shipment 1 day got my item.. fast delivery.. total 3 day to get ur item include ordered day.. btw no sponge at top.. design not good
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    bagus 4 months ago
    By Hasrul H. Verified Purchase
    puas hati dengan bass..
    beli pada harga rm 79.00
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    Very nice bass 1 month ago
    By Mayuresh
    Nice headphones with good bass cant expect more. Price can be a lil less though.... i got it for 80 rm.
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    6.5 / 10 1 month ago
    By teruk
    teruk !!! menyesal beli sampai RM90, aku fikir lagi elok drpd earpod, rupanye earpod lgi sdp, tmbh lagi RM50 dpt earpod baru, igtkan expert dlm music lgi sdp bunyi drpd earpod tuu, tpi tak, tak berbaloi dgn harga
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