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Nixon: Making Time Feel Better

After an unsuccessful attempt at finding a perfect watch that echoed his personal style, Chad DiNenna together with Andy Laats, both in the action sports industry, founded Nixon. Nixon is an American brand established in 1998 in Encinitas, California. Focusing on team-designed, custom-build products they were first introduced in the market via independent retailers including surf, skate and snow shops. From their humble beginnings Nixon products are now sold in 80 countries worldwide.

Nixon: A Brand That Will Suit Your Lifestyle

What started out as a frustration at the lack of quality watches that identifies with one’s personal style, Nixon eventually ventured out into selling other products. The brand now also sells apparel, accessories, headphones, portable speakers and of course wristwatches. Not only does Nixon produce products that reflect your personality they also deliver quality products. So if you are looking for a watch or apparel that represents you, Nixon is the brand for you.

Why Choose Nixon?

  • Nixon is a brand known globally
  • Nixon offers quality products
  • They have a wide array of products to choose from
  • They produce products that suit your style

    Watches for Men

  • Strap material: Choose from the strap material of your liking! Common strap for men is made of leather or stainless steel.
  • Display: Choose from either digital or analog watch display
  • Other features: Exude class and elegance with their authentic leather watches and stainless steel that will last a long time. Also, most of these watches are water-resistant.

    Watches for Women

  • Strap material: Leather, rubber, silicone, and stainless steel strap materials can be yours according to your preference
  • Use: Strut your watches on casual, semi-formal to grand and formal events
  • Other features: Depending on the model, these women's watches are water-resistant