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Dog food by PEDIGREE: Special foods for special members

PEDIGREE is a pet food manufacturing company and is a subsidiary of American group Mars, Incorporated. The brand deals in the production and distribution of pet foods which are specially formulated for domestic animals like cats and dogs. It is one of the top recommended brands for dog foods.

PEDIGREE offers you a wide range of pet foods which comprises chicken flavour dog food, dental sticks, and meat dog food developed specially for good health of dogs.

Why should you consider purchasing PEDIGREE for your dog?

  • Multiple flavours: PEDIGREE provides dog foods with multiple flavours like chicken, egg, beef and liver which improves their taste. They are dry food products with calcium, phosphorous, and omega fatty acids. These products are developed to give a healthy start to your dog's life. Along with multiple health benefits for your pets, these foods are full of flavours which attract dogs and help them consume healthy food without any force or hassle.
  • Promotes health: The brand develops dog foods after extensive research on their diet. The dietary needs of animals are very different ours. Therefore Pedigree is the best meal for your pets as these foods comprise essential nutrients which improve oral health and bones of the dogs. They are known to improve digestion, immune system, and sunflower oil in these foods gives a lustrous coat to the skin and hair of the dogs.
  • High quality: Rich in vitamins and nutrients, these foods serve as a nutritionally complete meal for pets. They undergo extreme quality checks before getting packed, assuring that they are safe for consumption by dogs.

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