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Portable Speakers: Small is Beautiful

It seems that the speaker system is next to become portable in terms of advancing technology. After all, most of the gadgets we use get smaller each time, making them portable, easy to carry, and simpler to use. From Purse-sized Bluetooth speakers to inconspicuous home theater subwoofers, the audio devices we use become handier while adding a lot of features that will enhance your listening or viewing experience overall.

One of the biggest advantages of the portable speaker is its easy-to-carry feature. Most mini speakers produced are made to fit anywhere from a bag, a purse, or even your pocket. These devices also often come as wireless, pairing with your phone, mp3, or any other music device via Bluetooth. This also puts the speaker at an advantage, since you can remotely share music with your friends by partnering your friend’s phones to the speaker

The Portable Speaker System For Home

Some of the home theater speakers made are also quite small, but also produce loud and Hi-Fi audio from a trusted TV or home cinema. The easy-to-carry rule also applies to these supposed stationary audio devices. Portable speakers are a great investment especially if you want to share your favorite TV shows, movies and music with your family and friends – on the go! You can even get to communicate with other people, or enjoy yourself with engaging music with a portable speaker with a microphone. Of course, the biggest advantage is that you can basically take these speakers with you anywhere you want. Sometimes (or most of the time), your laptop or phone’s built-in speakers can’t do the job. So might as well just get those mini speakers you’ve been eyeing for a while now!

    Sound Bars

  • Product Description: This portable audio device is designed as an acoustic speaker that regulates the mids and highs of a home theater system. This auxiliary speaker is also compatible with most mobile devices, playing Hi-Fi music from a hidden location.
  • Technical features: Sound Bars can commonly connect through a 3.5mm audio jack, but these also have the wireless capability through Bluetooth. The sound bar commonly plays deep base frequency, but some can also stream mid and high frequencies, through their remote wireless speakers

    Mini Bluetooth Speaker

  • Product Descriptio: One of the most impressive features of this type of audio device is its portability and wireless connectivity. The Bluetooth speaker can partner with any Bluetooth enabled device and play music wherever you are.
  • Technical features: Aside from its wireless connectivity, the Mini Bluetooth Speaker can also connect to your device via USB, or through a 3.5mm jack. The speakers also use a rechargeable built-in Li-ion battery that allows the device to stream music for hours

    Computer Speakers

  • Product Description: While most computer speakers are made for PC and laptop use, some are also handy as portable audio devices for your home. Most of these speakers also come with separated drivers, allowing you to hear the different frequencies for a much cleaner sound.
  • Technical features: Computer speakers all come in different sizes, connective via USB or through a 3.5mm jack. Some speakers require a power source while the majority of the USB speakers automatically turn on when plugged on a device.