Bio-D SleepTite Bed Bug & Dust Mite Control 300ml Spray (Lavender)

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Product details of Bio-D SleepTite Bed Bug & Dust Mite Control 300ml Spray (Lavender)

  • 100% bed bug knockdown in 4 minutes
  • Kills 94% of bed bugs in 24 hours
  • 100% non-toxic spray
  • Safe around babies, pets and food
  • USA technology, made in Malaysia





*For more serious bed bug infestations, we recommend trying our 2L Bed Bug Elimination Kit, also avaialble on Lazada.


Is Bio-D SleepTite Bed Bug Control effective?

Yes. SleepTite has been independently tested in the USA and proven to knockdown 100% of bed bugs in under 5 minutes and kills 94% of bed bugs in 24 hours.

Is Bio-D SleepTite Bed Bug Control safe to use?

Yes. SleepTite is 100% non-toxic and completely safe to use anywhere in your home including around children, pets and food. SleepTite is baby-safe, all-natural and eco-friendly.

How do I use Bio-D SleepTite Bed Bug Control?

Spray directly onto areas where bed bugs hide such as the bed frame, mattress, furniture and cracks and crevices throughout affected rooms. Bed bugs will be killed upon contact and also repelled from areas where SleepTite Bed Bug Control has been applied.

How often do I have to apply Bio-D SleepTite Bed Bug Control to get rid of an infestation?

We recommend applying SleepTite throughout affected rooms once or twice a day until there are no longer any signs of bed bugs.

Do I have to vacate my home when I use SleepTite?

No. SleepTite is completely safe and contains no harmful chemicals.

Can I spray on my bed and still use it to sleep on the same night?

Yes. SleepTite is 100% non-toxic and safe. we recommend waiting 15 minutes for the spray to dry before sleeping on the bed.

Does Bio-D SleepTite Bed Bug Control leave stains or damage furniture?

No. SleepTite does not contain any harsh chemicals or residues that cause staining. Do however test the spray on a small area of the surface you are intending to treat to ensure there is no discoloration.

What is the active ingredient in Bio-D SleepTite Bed Bug Control?

SleepTite contains EGX-101, a natural ingredient derived from the wild tomato plant that is highly effective at killing and repelling bed bugs.

Is Bio-D SleepTite Bed Bug Control a pesticide?

Bio-D SleepTite Bed Bug Control contains only ingredients considered safe and exempt from registration requirements. This means that it is not classified as a pesticide and is approved for use anywhere in your home including around children, pets and food.

Does Bio-D SleepTite Bed Bug Control have any odour?

SleepTite has a subtle scent from our natural derivatives. SleepTite is avaialable in two scents, Natural or Lavender. Any odour will fade after a short period.

Where is Bio-D SleepTite Bed Bug Control produced?

SleepTite uses USA developed technology but is proudly produced in Malaysia.

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1 x Bio-D SleepTite Bed Bug and Dust Mite Control Spray 300ml (Lavender)

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Product Reviews
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nothings happen9 months ago
by Intan S.Verified Purchase
just spray it and rest for 3 hours but nothings happen/come bug,no it my mattress are just too damn clean?but why always feel itchy at my body..
Works Perfectly8 months ago
by Muhammad H.Verified Purchase
The spray works. You just have to spray generously. Some say you have to spray multiplem times, but in my case I only speay once and no more bed bugs.
very very bad delivery service10 months ago
by HaniVerified Purchase
order on 10th july with extra RM3 for delivery for fast delivery. should be receive latest 15 july but extend to 21 july. paid RM3 for nothing second time got very bad delivery service. mehh
excellent product4 months ago
by Liza A.Verified Purchase
this product was great at work. it killsss even the eggs n it smell good. no stain left on mattress after spray. i recommend it 100%
Excellent Product & Service!7 months ago
by Mohd A.Verified Purchase
I am very satisfied with their fast delivery time. I ordered this on Wednesday's evening and I received the item on Saturday morning. It's also value for money as this product is very effective in get rid of the nuisance bed bugs. Now I can "SleepTite" every night without worrying the bed bugs!
Questions about this product (12)
Other questions answered by BIO-D (12)
  • hi.. i just ordered this item.. i want it to be delivered to different address. how?
    Hemala A. - 1 week ago
    Hi there, because we are fulfilled by lazada, lazada will deliver your order. Therefore you can contact them at Lazada customer service I hope that helps!
    BIO-D - answered within 2 hours
    NEWBIE - 2 months ago
    Hi there, Bio-D SleepTite is intended for Bed Bugs and Dust Mites, we do however have a general insect spray called Bio-D Orbit that can be used to repel and eliminate cockroaches, ants, flies, etc. This is also available on Lazada. Just search our Bio-D Shop. Hope that Helps!
    BIO-D - answered within 1 day
  • Hi! I would like to know if we spray it on our clothes(in the closet), things and bed, then do we need to wash them before we could use them back due to the chemical?
    Koshini S. - 3 months ago
    Hi Koshini. It won’t be necessary to do so. The chemical is actually harmless since we use only non-toxic and natural ingredients. It also doesn’t leave any stains. Hope this helps
    BIO-D - answered within 1 day