Xgene Royale Men Care Cream (New pack)

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Product details of Xgene Royale Men Care Cream (New pack)

  • Make genital strong and steady in nature.
  • HALAL certified by JAKIM.
  • Improve blood circulation for better performance
  • Xgene Royale Mens Cream (TERBARU)
  • Recomended by Dr Ismail Tambi
  • Registered With Ministry of Health Malaysia.
  • BUY 2 GET FREE : 1 x sachet Kopi Puncak Mahligai


Xgene Royale Men's Care Cream 

Xgene Royale is an external daily care cream for men. It is applied directly to the male genitals. It is to refresh and strengthen the male genitals. 


Xgene Royale cream is formulated by Dr Ismail Tambi, a consultant clinical andrologist who has done a lot of research on men's health and tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia) for many years.

It is made of natural and non-toxic ingredients. The main active ingredient is tongkat ali extract.


"Saya sendiri sudah menjalankan kajian terhadap produk ini dan ternyata, ia tidak mempunyai sebarang unsur mengarut yang boleh mencederakan atau mendatangkan kesan sampingan kepada penggunanya." 

- Metro Ahad."


Dr. Mohd Ismail Mohd Tambi A.M.T., M.B.B.S., D.R.M.

W.H.O Fellow Clinical Andrology and Semenology

(Monash, Australia) W.H.O. Post Grad Cert in Adolescent

Reproductive and Sexual Health, (Hungary)

Professor Emeritus Andrology

Seng Yang Andrology Hospital, China

Consultant Clinical Andrologist





►Help the blood flow and improve the erection of your genitals.

►Stimulates production of quality sperm

►Recharges the performance of your manhood

►Helps build genital muscle

►Preventing the growth of parasites, bacteria and virus that can cause irritation and odor problems to male genitals.

►Moisturizing and softening the male genitals skin.

►Naturally refreshing the muscle tissues, blood and nerve of male genitals.




Why do you need to use Xgene Royale?
Dietary factors, modern lifestyle and lack of exercise can have negative effects on the body. Vessels and nerves in the male genitals may be clogged by fat and cholesterol, and it interferes with the smooth flow of blood causing male genitals not functioning optimally.

Who should use Xgene Royale?

It is like how we take good care of our hair and skin, all men who wish to take care of their male genitals should use Xgene Royale.

How does Xgene Royale work?

The active ingredients including tongkat ali extract in Xgene Royale is absorbed directly to the male genitals. Absorption is highly optimized for Xgene Royale cream made from basic materials (base) to act as a special agent for absorption. It will reactivate and energize the cells (phosphorylate cell) that can strengthen and stabilize cells of the male genitals.

How soon can I feel Xgene Royale effects?

The effect depends on the length of recovery and nerve cells. Every individual has different effects in terms of time and areas of improvement. If the nerve cells are in bad condition, it requires a longer time to recover. The important thing is to recover naturally.

Generally, effects of Xgene Royale can be felt within 3 to 7 days ifXgene Royale is used daily after bath. Among the effects that can be felt is the level of erection and the freshness of the male genitals.

Side Effects
Xgene Royale is safe to use. There are no side effects.
Xgene Royale is clinically tested. It is registered with Ministry of Health Malaysia. It also received certificated of HALAL from Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (JAKIM).

Xgene Royale is confirmed free from any poison constituents by National Poison Centre, University Science of Malaysia (USM).


Special OFFER

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  • Merangsang pembinaan sel otot.
  • Tenaga tambahan bagi aktiviti harian dan stamina batin.
  • Penstabilan hormon testosteron dan metabolisme.
  • Membantu kesuburan sistem reproduksi lelaki.
  • Minda lebih fokus dan aktif. Kawalan emosi lebih sempurna.
  • Menggalakkan peredaran darah serta mencegah penyakit kardiovaskular.
  • Meningkatkan kekuatan sistem imunisasi.
  • Tampil lebih maskulin, gagah dan mantap.






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