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READY STOCK! Perfume Mini Power Bank 2600mAh(Blue/Pink/White/Yellow/Black/Green)  

  • 2600mAh perfume power bank charger for mobile phones
  • With 1 output port and one input port
  • Come with 1 USB power cable
  • Compatible with any mobile phone such as iPhone, Samsung, etc
  • Used to charge your devices anywhere any time you need, such as traveling, camping, hiking, etc
  • You can take it along with you wherever you go
  • Easily fits into your bag to provide instant power
  • Charge the power bank through micro USB jack
  • Capacity: 2600mAh
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Small and Compact
You don’t have to worry about bringing along multiple mobile device chargers with its bulky adapters. Sometimes you tend to forget them too especially when you are always on the move. Harafego 2600mAH Perfume Power Bank is designed small and compact, which you can simply slip it in your pocket or bag. All you need is the USB-cable of your mobile devices. When traveling, it’s important for traveling light as overweight luggage as well as hand carries can cause you a large amount of money. Designed to be lightweight, Harafego 2600mAH Perfume Power Bank is also convenient.

Large Power Capacity
Harafego 2600mAH Perfume Power Bank packs a power capacity of 2600mAH, which is more than enough to fully charge your mobile devices. This convenient power bank features an LED light for easy indication that your mobile device is charging when it lights red. The power bank is also easy to charge, as it is equipped with a micro USB cable. You can charge the power bank via a USB adapter or through your computer’s USB port.

Compatible with Most Mobile Devices
Harafego 2600mAH Perfume Power Bank is compatible with most brands and gadgets including iPad, iPhone, iPod, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony PS3 as well as most USB charging mobile phones and electronic devices. The power bank comes with three different adapter heads, allowing to charge almost any kind of electronic devices for your convenience.

Spesifikasi untuk READY STOCK! Perfume Mini Power Bank 2600mAh(Blue/Pink/White/Yellow/Black/Green)

Isi Pakej:
  • 1x 2600mAh Power Bank with Key Chain, 1x USB Power Cable (No Plug)
Input Type USB
Model Harafego - Perfume Power Bank 2600mAH
Powerbank Capacity 1000-5000mAh
Powerbank Features Quick Charge 2.0
Jenis jaminan No Warranty
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