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Trust SanDisk as your go to storage device

The next time your USB thumb drive crashes or your microSD card breaks down from a computer virus, take a good close look at the brand of your storage device. Sometimes, it is not how well you take care of your computer or how good the anti-virus is against threats. The storage device that you choose may not just be the right one for you.

Enter SanDisk storage Malaysia, the leader of all things related to digital storage. The group has proven itself as the most trusted memory and storage device maker, through their products that cater to all kinds of people, from personal use, to school and social media, to business and media asset management. SanDisk’s roots as a partner for Digital Cameras made the company aware of better media storage and file transfer.

Different storage devices for different uses fall under the SanDisk banner

SanDisk is widely known and trusted for memory capacity, fast transfer speeds, and strict file protection. Whether you are storing secret company records, school documents files, or photos and videos, you can bank on SanDisk to help secure these important files, without risking a virus or a crash.

Even the group’s basic USB flash drive can transfer up to at least three times the normal USB transfer rate. Some of their high-end storage devices also provide anti-theft and anti-virus apps that protect the files and documents stored in the memory. The best part is that all of their products come in a variety of storage sizes that are suitable for their varying target audiences. Whether you are looking for Sandisk wireless flash drive Malaysia or Sandisk dual USB Malaysia, you can find them here on Lazada Malaysia with other great SanDisk products that are housed here for the best of prices and deals every day!

Why choose SanDisk?

  • One of the premiere file storage and file transfer devices from PC to mobile devices
  • Products are also used to temporarily expand storage memory to other devices
  • Has fast transfer rate, at least three times than normal speed
  • Also has a great deal of anti-theft and anti-virus security

    SanDisk UB Flash Drives

  • SanDisk Cruzer series: This USB flash drive is simple but sleek and silver in design. The USB also provide fast write-up speeds and large storage capacity on a small device
  • SanDisk Ultra USB: The more flashier of the two USB drives, this bulky flash disk can protect your files, both inside and out, through a tough exterior and file protection software
  • SanDisk Dual Mobile Flash Drives: The brand’s USB-OTG device that can connect both on the computer and mobile devices. The USB-OTG also boast fast transfer speeds from both devices.

    SanDisk Memory cards

  • SanDisk Ultra SD: This microSD card for mobiles and tablets comes in different file capacities with decent transfer rate. These microSD cards are also compatible with other host devices
  • SanDisk Extreme Malaysia SD card: The storage cards for under this series are optimized for cameras and small consoles. The file expansion capability of this device also include a safety lock that protects all your recorded files.
  • SanDisk Compact Flash: The durable and large flash cards under this series are used to store files of larger cameras and video recorders. The devices are also equipped with Video Performance Guarantee (VPG)