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3D Glasses in Malaysia: Different types of 3D Glasses

You have probably seen or used 3D glasses when you were at the movies. In order for 3D glasses to work, your eyes must see a slightly different thing from each other. This is why some 3D glasses have one blue lens and one red lens. The different colours trick your eyes into thinking that whatever you are watching has depth to it. There are 3 different types the 3D anaglyph glasses, polarized 3D glasses, and shutter glasses. The first is the more common red and blue lens 3D glasses. Polarized 3D glasses are the second most common and can be seen used in movie theatres. They work the same way as the anaglyph glasses by making your eyes see different images. The last 3D glasses is one of the most advanced. The glasses use LCD screen technology which lightens and darkens each lens alternately to give you the illusion of depth.

Alternative Uses for 3D Glasses

3D glasses can be used for other things other than watching that movie in 3D. First, one of the most common alternative use for 3D glasses is to watch an eclipse. Although you shouldn't do this with just any old pair of 3D glasses as it might damage your eyesight. Some 3D glasses look like futuristic sunglasses so you can use them as part of a costume. Last but not least, you can use them to watch movies or play 3D games at home. If you want to buy 3D glasses in Malaysia be sure to look through Lazada Malaysia to enjoy the best 3D glasses prices in Malaysia.

Why Should You Choose 3D Glasses

  • 3D glasses are a unique way to enjoy movies at the theatre
  • You can find other alternative uses for 3D glasses too
  • You can find the best prices for 3D glasses and more online