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TV wall mounts: Modern & User-friendly

Invented in 1927, television sets have undergone a huge transformation from huge and heavy boxes to ultra slim and lightweight LCD and LED TVs. This major transformation is due to the replacement of heavy and broad CRT monitors with slim LED and LCD panels that are a high resolution as well. Users are now able to watch televisions with more comfort as these products enable them to recline on their sofa sets but earlier they had to position themselves according to the direction of their TV's. However, it is necessary to mount them to safe and reliable wall mounts as one fall could potentially shatter your TV into pieces. These items are very easy to install and are highly suitable for small and compact apartments.

Why should you buy TV wall mounts?

  • Adaptable: These TV wall mounts are compatible with all the major TV brands that include Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, LG and much more. They are available in various dimensions according to the length, width, and breadth of your television.
  • Safe: TV wall mounts are strong and capable for bearing the weight of your TV and the inbuilt locks of these mounts keep your TV panels firmly stabilised for a long-lasting hold.
  • Easy to install & user-friendly: These wall mounts come with a foldable mechanism and can be easily affixed to the walls, extended, adjusted and tilted conveniently which will allow you to position the television sets at comfortable viewing angles in order to give you an enriched viewing experience.

TV wall mounts available on Lazada in Malaysia

Lazada offers a wide range of TV wall mounts at affordable rates in Malaysia. Purchase them from our mobile application or through our online portal. Lazada provides complete customer assistance and solves queries through calls and e-mails.