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Floor Mats & Cargo Liners: For a clean and hygienic car floor

Floor mats & cargo liners provide you with a wide range of products that help you to keep your vehicle in a proper condition by keeping it clean and making a good impression. They include floor mats and cargo liners which are made with vinyl and synthetic rubber that effortlessly suits the interior of your car. The cargo liner provides complete floor coverage so that no areas are missed.


Why should you consider purchasing Floor Mats & Cargo Liners?

  • Car door rubber seal:-These products are thin and lightweight DIY rubber seals that effectively minimize the gap between the car door and the car body. They help to enhance your driving comfort by soundproofing and windproofing your car. They are manufactured with durable EPDM rubber that has good elasticity and will not crack easily. They do not take a lot of time and effort to install.
  • PVC coil mat:-These products are waterproof and odorless floor mats that help to keep the floor of your car clean. They are equipped with an anti-slip nail/spike backing which protects you from fall-related injuries. Since they are DIY items they can be cut and customized according to the size of your car. They are available in several attractive colors that effortlessly change the look of your car.
  • Pre-cut floor mats:-These items are crafted with high-quality rubber that is stitched and pre-cut so that they perfectly match the floor of your car. They are waterproof and stain-resistant which prevents mud, debris, snow, water or grease from dirtying the interior of your car. They are available for several car models.


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