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Go For the Camera Lenses Types that You Can Invest In

If you are a budding photographer who started out with using the kit lens, and have finally found your sweet spot in photography, then it’s time for you to invest in the proper camera lenses for beginners. Each lens offers something different for professional photographers and hobbyists. There are macro lenses, fixed lenses, standard zoom lenses, telephoto lenses, and more are available depending on your area of expertise. Before purchasing a lens, you must always consider your genre in photography. If you’re into fashion, it would be best to invest in fixed lenses or a macro lens that are perfect for portraits while the telephoto lens is great especially for sports and wildlife photography.

Always Go for the Proper Camera Lenses For Sale

Through the years, lens manufacturers continue to improve their products including new features like an image stabilizer that helps reduce the shakiness in an image. They had also made some adjustments and equipped the lenses with a higher ISO and aperture that could help brighten the photographs taken. These Lenses nowadays are infused with an auto-focus technology that you can switch right back to manual focusing, whichever you prefer or what the landscape needs.

    Wide Angle lenses

  • Focal length: This type of lenses can capture from 24 - 35 mm.
  • Features: Its wide angle has 2 LED lens & 1 aspheric lens, also it has a focus mode switch and a focus hold button.
  • Uses: This type of lens is best used in capturing large group of people or landscape.


  • Focal length: It has a focal length from 70 - 400 mm.
  • Features: Telephoto is a dust & moisture-resistant lens that has two-stage image stabilization; dual-axis camera shake correction or vertical axis only.
  • Uses: They are ideal for taking pictures in distant places such as sports or wildlife.

    Macro lens

  • Focal length: Macro lenses have focal length From 40 - 200 mm.
  • Features: There are many features you can get the comes with macro lenses, such as a built-in motor, full-time manual focusing and LD glass elements.
  • Uses: The macro lenses are ideal for capturing close-up photography also for portraits.

    Standard/Normal lens

  • Focal length: It comes with a focal point that ranges from 35 - 70 mm.
  • Features: These lenses may come with hybrid image stabilization with weather-resistant design features.
  • Uses: These are ideal for all sorts of photography such as in streets, documentary, portrait or landscape.