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Capture Life’s Great Moments with Action Camera Accessories from Smatree

A whole new realm of photography and videography was opened up by the rise of action cameras. Consumers are now capable of capturing incredible and intense life-moments in stunning angles and perspectives without compromising the experience. These lightweight and miniature cameras can be strategically placed almost anywhere without disrupting regular movements. This is so you can be fully present in the moment without missing a single second on the film. But like other digital cameras, these require the proper set of tools so that they can be used to their maximum potential. Smatree was founded by a group of avid action camera users who developed a range of products that even they would love to use. They have gained a loyal customer pool because of their excellent and reliable products. Approaching each item from a user’s perspective, they are able to raise the bar of expectation and enhance the user experience. Their popular products include the Smatree battery charger, Smapole, and SmaCase series.

Smatree Malaysia Offers Affordable High-Quality Camera Accessories

The brand offers their wide range of world-class Smatree camera accessories at affordable prices to guarantee customer satisfaction on all fronts. Their acclaimed SmaCases are heavy-duty protective cases equipped with pre-cut foam and interior cushion to keep the action camera and related accessories securely in place and shielded from external impacts. They also offer power accessories to keep you going on long shoots. The Smatree high-capacity battery can pack in hours of photos and videos before it needs to be charged. The brand’s replacement batteries can be powered up using a Smatree dual battery charger which can accommodate two battery packs for swift and simultaneous charging. Don’t forget to pick up some of the brand’s mounting sets so that you can take extraordinary and unique footage while on-the-go. Check out the latest Smatree camera accessories that are available on Lazada Malaysia, your trusted online shopping site.

Why choose Smatree?

  • Smatree is a brand founded by action camera users, guaranteeing their in-depth knowledge of consumer needs and demands.
  • The brand offers world-class action camera accessories at affordable prices.
  • The brand has a wide range of products that cater to the different needs of their diverse clientele.

    Protective Accessories

  • SmaCase G: This is a medium-sized heavy-duty action camera case equipped with pre-cut foam to hold the camera and related accessories in place. It comes with a zippered elastic mesh pocket for additional storage and organization. It is carried using the hand strap or carabiner loop.
  • SmaCase Gs: This is a large protective case with high-quality EVA foam interior padding that is custom-fit to secure the action camera and essential accessories. The pre-cut interior foam can be removed and adjusted according to your personal preference. It comes with a hand strap and carabiner loop for easy handling.
  • SmaCase GA: This is a double-layered watertight case with a pre-cut foam cushioning on the bottom and rigged padding on top. The soft and flexible sponge keeps the cameras from moving about and scuffing.

    Power Accessories

  • Spare Batteries: The brand offers individual high-capacity battery packs to ensure that you have all the power you need to keep on going. These are particularly handy on trips when recharging is most possible, such as nature shoots and vacations.
  • Chargers: There are many battery chargers sold by the brand. Some are designed to accommodate more than one battery at a time for swift simultaneous charging.
  • Power Adapters: There are cords and car charger adapters made available by the brand. These products enable customers to boost their battery power when on-the-go.

    Handling Accessories

  • SmaPole: This is the brand’s range of selfie sticks. These are telescopic metallic arms with a clamp or mount on one end with a non-slip grip on the other. It is used to hold the camera at length to take wide and far-reaching shots.
  • Bluetooth Selfie Stick: This is a wireless selfie stick that allows users to take photos or videos seamlessly through Bluetooth technology. It makes use of a remote shutter to take photos or videos.
  • Mounts and Screws: The brand has a wide range of mechanisms which allow users to attach their action cameras to various objects. These include dashboard mounts, helmet mounts, tripod mounts, head straps, and adjustable jaw flex clamps. There are also differently sized thumbscrews and wrenches to ensure a firm attachment. These enable users to take extraordinary shots from unique angles that are typically impossible for standard DSLRs.