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Car Mounts: For hands-free driving

Car mounts are the essential car accessories invented to help you for a carefree driving. These products include phone holders and Bluetooth devices which allow you to receive calls while driving and navigate location through online maps and many other things without getting distracted from driving.

Car mounts in Malaysia offer a wide range of car accessories which are a must-have in every car. These products are designed to help the drivers to use their smartphones while driving without actually holding it by hand.

Tips to consider while purchasing car mounts in Malaysia:

  • High quality: The windshield mount available here are made up of high-quality silicone material. The products are designed to mount on the windows of the car and deliver a better view of phones. Its compatible with all smartphones and can hold phones with or without cases. The powerful magnetic mount with ergonomic designs provides easy accessibility to the mounted devices and prevents those from getting scratched or damaged.
  • Easy to install: The dashboard holders are small flat stands which easily fit on the dashboards of the cars. This product is designed to give a complete and comfortable angle of view. Made from silicone gel material pad, it tightly gets attached to console without any adhesives and fits perfectly on the dashboards. It comes with an anti-slip feature which does not allow phone or other devices mounted on it to fall off.
  • Variety: A huge variety of phone holders are available which allows you to select the best as per your preferences. These products are designed to provide stability to phones without affecting the charging.

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