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Asus Sets their Computers into Overdrive

There are countless of brands that offer laptops and computers in the market today, but Asus stands out from the rest by offering the well-rounded devices with very reasonable prices. The Taiwanese brand, whose name derived from the Greek mythical beast Pegasus, has many years of experience in delivering the best portable PCs possible. Apart from laptops, Asus is also a famous manufacturer of computer accessories, hardware, mobile phones and more. They are also the world’s fifth largest PC vendor by unit sales as of 2013.

Amidst the brand’s pristine resume, Asus’ persistent search for development still drives them to be at the top of every PC consumer’s list. The brand ensures quality products through and through, whether from internal specs and hardware, to visible form factor and design. So when you’re thinking of buying a new laptop, think of Asus and their amazing line of laptops and desktop computers available for you.

Asus Laptops in Malaysia

Unlike the majority of their competitors, Asus tries to keep a balance between their different products. Their laptops are always up to date, and are crafted using the latest hardware and computer resources. The brand’s laptops are diverse; made by professionals for different kinds of users. You can use the portable PC for gaming, surfing the web, typing important documents, checking your social media, and much more. Look more into the Asus’ superior line of notebooks, netbooks, and touch screen laptops, and choose the laptop that would match your lifestyle or what you are looking for. Asus sells a number of different laptops as well. You can find Asus gaming laptops in Malaysia for sale on Lazada Malaysia. If gaming laptops aren't for you, then try looking through the Asus Malaysia laptop price list to find a laptop that is right for you.

Why choose Asus?

  • The brand is a leader of consumer electronics and computers.
  • Their laptops are always up to date, and are open for the latest software.
  • Their devices are well-rounded, with all-in one specs that are very impressive on a small device.

    Asus Notebooks

  • Product description: Asus’ notebooks are the most tenured products created by the brand. In terms of hardware and specs, these are the best and toughest the brand has to offer
  • Technical Specs: Their laptops average 15-inches in monitor sizes, and run either Windows 7, Windows 8 or Google Chrome OS. Their notebooks also have full connectivity, including DVD/BD-RW slots
  • Available products: Asus Chromebook, Asus G750JM Gaming laptop, Asus TP300LA-DW060H

    Asus Netbooks

  • Product description: The Netbook is a more portable variant of the laptop, with decent specs suited for school work. Asus’ netbooks, however, do not sacrifice features for a slimmer design. Instead, these portable laptops maximizes all the available features of its larger counterpart, and pack them in a more convenient device
  • Technical Specs: The netbooks all run Windows 8/8.1 OS, on a much thinner and smaller design. Processors clock in at an average of 2.0GHz, with enough RAM to run programs smoothly
  • Available products: Asus X200MA-BING-KX430B, Asus X102BA-DF045H

    Touchscreen laptops and Hybrids

  • Product description: The Asus Transformer series is the brand’s take on hybrid laptops. These hybrids have capacitive touchscreen interface, and has all the connectivity features, integrating the features of a regular laptop PC, with the added uses of a tablet computer
  • Technical Specs: These devices run Windows 8/8.1 OS. The monitor is comprised of TFT LCD, with responsive touchscreen interface. The portable PC comes in either 360-degree flip, or detachable keyboard variants.
  • Available products: Asus Transformer Book Flip series, Asus VivoTab