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Razer Gaming Laptops in Malaysia

The video game industry is quickly gaining steam in the entertainment scene, with a majority of people describing gaming in the same boat as TV, movies, music, and literature. The market for video games is also steadily increasing, with new gamers getting into their respective genres, while long-time aficionados are transitioning into a more competitive scene. With this rise in demand for video games, companies have begun producing the necessary tools to make video games more authentic: easy to control, more immersive in design, and comfortable to play. Among the leaders in this business is the American group Razer.

Razer Laptops in Malaysia

For the past few years, Razer has dedicated its resources to produce the necessary peripherals for gaming. Gaming mice, keyboards, and audio devices are among the top products that the brand has produced, solely to enhance the gaming experience of its customers. If you browse through the group’s inventory, you could see how diverse their accessories are, with each component clearly made to enhance a gaming PC’s already impressive features. Aside from their powerful gaming accessories, the company’s library also include quality headphones, keyboards and other computer parts that are compatible even with the most basic computer. So whether you’re searching for the best items to help you dominate the gaming scene, or simply looking for a proper PC upgrade, then bank on Razer’s products to do just that. You can find products by Razer such as Razer keyboards and mouse in Malaysia on Lazada Malaysia. If you are looking to purchase a laptop, Lazada also offers the best Razer gaming laptops price in Malaysia.

Why choose gaming computer accessories from Razer?

  • Razer is one of the first brands to produce gaming peripherals for PC
  • The gaming mice are described to be the standard on what a mouse should be.
  • Keyboards are highly responsive and built well enough for desktop gaming.
  • Their devices are also comfortable to use, especially if you’re a hardcore gamer.

    Gaming mouse

  • Product Description: Razer’s gaming mice are considered to be the standard for all subsequent gaming mice from other companies. These devices have sleek designs, responsive use, and adjustable sensitivity for different gaming types
  • Technical Specifications: These gaming mice connect to your PC either through Bluetooth, or USB. The USB mice operate via the PCs power, while wireless mice require AA battery or external charger. The mice also come with LED scroll function
  • Available Products: Razer Orochi 2013, Razer Mamba, Razer Ouroboros, Razer Taipan

    Razer Keyboards

  • Product Description: The Razer Blackwater is the brand’s line of gaming keyboards, each with 6 million keystroke life spans. The brand’s computer keyboards are optimized and react to strong key pressure, allowing gamers to control their characters more efficiently.
  • Technical Specifications: The gaming keyboards have built-in LED backlighting in each key. These connect to your gaming rig via USB, with the option for gaming or computer use.
  • Available Products: Razer Blackwidow Stealth, Razer Blackwidow Chroma, Razer Blackwidow Tournament,

    Razer Headsets

  • Product description : The brand’s gaming headsets fall under the Razer Kraken series. These gaming cans have built-in mic, Hi-Fi sound features, and other specs to make gaming audio clear, as well as communication between gamers much more convenient
  • Technical Specifications: The Razer Kraken have foldable frames, with 40mm drivers in each cup. The headphones have 20Hz-20KHz frequency, connecting to your gaming computer using a 3.5mm jack.
  • Other features: Razer Kraken Neon Pro, Razer Adaro, Razer Carcharias