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La Gourmet Home Cookware: Elevating your cooking experience!

La Gourmet is all about easy cooking, drinking, and eating. Their + 25 years of experience in this field has made them a trusted and reliable brand among their customers. They constantly strive to extend and improve their line of products in order to improve the life of people who believe in their products.

A blend of premium quality, eco-friendly features, and modern designs are the key aspects on which their product line has been developed from over the years. Their product range includes fry pans, saucepans, thermal cookers, stock pot, casserole and much more. Along with Malaysia, the products of La Gourmet are now distributed widely in Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam.


Why should one purchase the cookware of La Gourmet?

  • Convenient:- The frying pans, thermal cookers, stock pot, wok, etc. of La Gourmet come with a thick base to avoid the overheating and burning of the food materials. The casseroles, pans and other cookware come with a nonstick interior surface that prevents the sticking of food materials and help in their easy cleaning.
  • Uniform cooking:-The thermal cookers of La Gourmet spread the heat evenly inside the vessel which results in the uniform cooking of the food materials. By doing so they help to improve the taste of the cooked food and the cooking time is reduced as well which makes them energy efficient. Even the marble fry pans have excellent heat conductivity which results in a reduction of cooking time.
  • High quality & durable:-The cookware of La Gourmet is made of high-quality materials and has smooth finishing as they are duly finished. These properties enhance their overall durability and you can use them for years without any deterioration in performance.


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