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Keep Your House Dry with Dehumidifier

Is your house extremely wet and has standing water in some parts of the room or the rooms feel and smell moist? Are there any molds spore or visible mildew in the bathroom? then you are certainly in need of a dehumidifier. If you live in tropical places where the weather can go from dry to wet rather frequently, you have to keep your house very dry so that there will be no mold build up to ensure you're healthy. A dehumidifier will help you maintain the humidity level of your house and will keep it dry.

If a house or a room feels damp, then there should be an extra effort to dry the ceiling and flooring regularly. It will also be helpful to have a dry doormat on every door to keep excess water in one place, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove any existing mold spores in your house.

Use Dehumidifier in Your House

When you have a dehumidifier it can remove excess moisture in your room and prevent moisture from collecting in the corners of the room. You can place your dehumidifier in areas such as the basement to keep them at the optimum humidity level which is 60 percent. Choose your item depending on the size of your room, capacity and use. Get a quality dehumidifier on Lazada Malaysia today and say goodbye to smelly odours and mould!

    Portable Dehumidifier

  • Capacity: Mini dehumidifiers can hold at least five liters
  • Uses: This kind of dehumidifier is ideal for bathrooms, closets, labs, music rooms, and other room
  • Features: This humidifier mostly have automatic fault judgement and intelligent timer function

    Room Dehumidifier

  • Capacity: This type of dehumidifier holds up to 16 liters of dust
  • Uses: This kind of dehumidifier can help minimize dusting and cleaning while reducing the moist
  • Features: Most of this kind of dehumidifier comes with timer for more energy efficient use

    Basement Dehumidifier

  • Capacity: Basement dehumidifiers can hold 20 to 38 liters of dust per day
  • Uses: This dehumidifier is ideal for eliminating bad odors and prevent allergy causing particles
  • Features: This type of dehumidifier shuts down when the tank is already full