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The Ever Dependable Desktop Computer

The desktop PC has been around for many years, providing different sectors the means to advance their businesses through communication, research, and storage. Desktops have also been popular for gaming, and have been used for years by families. While the same can be said about the multitude of handhelds and portable gadgets produced by numerous tech groups, there is still the belief that their stationary device counterpart will not be obsoleted quite easily; it has many more years left its lifespan with HP, Lenovo, Dell, and other similar companies continuing to put out desktop computers each year.

The Desktop PC Is Built To Last

One distinct advantage the desktop computer has over its portable counterparts is its durability. PCs are usually built to last, with some of its standard specs and features almost always outclassing the laptop and smartphone. Desktop computers in Malaysia can also be easily customized and upgraded to suit their respective industries – whether for gaming, corporate, media PCs, or even for the family.

The history of technology has always been about new inventions replacing the old ones, with very few technologies remaining relevant after many years. The reason the desktop never felt obsolete is probably because the PC stood against the test of time. This technology evolves with time and keeps up with us through our work and leisure. If yu are looking for the best desktop computer prices in Malaysia, then you have made the right decision to come to Lazada Malaysia. Here you can find tons of available models that are housed for the prices and deals that you cannot offer to miss!

    Standard Desktop Computer

  • Product Overview: The basic computer is often seen being used by different members of the family. It has all the right tools for researching through the Internet, streaming video clips, chatting for social media.
  • Desktop Features: The desktop features well- balanced performance between tasks done by a father, mother, son, or daughter. The desktop can also run different forms of programs.
  • Computer Accessories neede: This desktop uses a standard USB QWERTY keyboard, standard speakers, and an optional home printer
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    Professional Desktop Computer

  • Product Overview: This is the type of computer that you often see in offices. The professional desktop focuses more on storage and connectivity, as it often used by businessmen who need to store multiple files on a strong hard drive.
  • Desktop Features: Accessibility, longevity, and reliability is important for this kind of computer. The work PC has large memory capacity (often in TB), can connect quickly to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and can work for long hours, while saving power.
  • Computer Accessories needed: The worker’s desktop should be able to connect to a wireless office printer and a projector system, while running under a power regulator.
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    Gaming Desktop PC

  • Product Overview: Often called a gaming rig, this durable and bulky PC is built specifically to run and stream HD games for people’s entertainment. This PC is also well equipped to function perfectly as an office desktop or a PC for the family, albeit sleeker and more edgier in design.
  • Desktop Features:Since most games need specific specs to run, the gaming PC is fully equipped with the best hardware, latest OS, fastest memory speeds, and customized peripherals to play all the PC games that you can install in the device.
  • Computer Accessories needed: This PC requires a gaming mouse and keyboard, HD screen, and Hi-Fi audio devices. You could also use a gaming headset to hat with your friends while playing, or even hook up a USB controller onto the rig.
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