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Diving & Snorkeling items in Malaysia: For a pleasant underwater experience

Diving & snorkeling has become increasingly popular as a sport and recreational activity. However, diving without proper gear is extremely dangerous and can cause accidents and mishaps. Diving & snorkeling gear usually including a diving mask, a snorkel, a wetsuit, wrist dive computers and swim-fins. Using the equipment you can observe underwater scenes for a longer time period with no discomfort. The gear can be worn by people of all ages and are soft, odourless, safe for use.


Why should you consider purchasing Diving & Snorkeling items?

  • Ergonomic designs:-The gear is crafted with PVC and medical silicone which makes them light weighted and crack-resistant. The face masks make it very easy and effortless to breathe underwater. The masks are equipped with adjustable straps and rubber eye sockets. So, they will not be tight or uncomfortable when you wear them. These diving & snorkelling masks have dual airflow technology which helps you to breathe naturally and reduces the chances of fogging. These masks have a 180-degree vision which gives you a wider view of your surroundings.
  • Easy Movement:-These wetsuits are made for the purpose of surface swimming. They keep you warm and comfortable while swimming in cold water. The wetsuits are crafted with nylon and spandex which is flexible and comfortable. They will not tear and provide additional safety. The material is breathable and protects your skin from the harsh UV rays of the sun.
  • Smart and efficient:-These dive computers may look like simple wristwatches but are very powerful computers that divers use to keep track of their breathing time and oxygen content. They have soft, adjustable silicone straps that fit your wrist perfectly. These items have multiple handy features like free dive mode, optional wireless air integration, built-in dive planner, sends detailed graphical logs and dive data to your PC.


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