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How to Choose an External Hard Disk

A common problem with computer hard disks is that they eventually run out of space. On the more extreme side, computer hard drives can fail, be damaged by a fire or flood, or be stolen. External hard disks have many benefits that you can't get from a computer's internal disk. Also, external hard disk prices have dropped significantly making them more accessible to many. Find out how to choose the right external hard disk to meet your needs.

External External Hard Disk Malaysia

Here are some of the things you should consider whenever you’re shopping for an external hard drive:

Size. How big of an external hard drive you choose depends on two things: your price point and what you're going to be storing. Obviously if you are only going to be using it to backup precious documents, you could go with a smaller external hard drive. However, by choosing a bigger drive, you will have room should you want to store other files on it. At the bare minimum, you should purchase a 1TB drive.

Networked Drives. This can be useful if you have multiple computers that you want to use the drive with. Rather than having to unplug the drive and swap it between computers you can access it from your network add files to it from any computer on your network.

Wireless Drives. Say you want a network drive that doesn't need any cables. These wireless external hard drives are great for travelers as you simply charge the drive and you can access it with your computer or mobile device via Wi-Fi.

Connection Type. While most external hard drives are USB, some more expensive models offer faster connection types such as eSATA or Thunderbolt for Mac. If you have a computer with one of these connection types and are willing to spend the extra money you'll notice faster file transfer rates from these drives allowing you to complete larger backups in a fraction of the time.

If you're looking for external hard disks in Malaysia, there are many options to meet your exact demands. Looking at all the variations mentioned, you can easily determine what is going to work for you.