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Keeping Computers In Good Shape

Anyone who are using computers for a significant amount of time knows what’s inside their computer’s CPU. Besides the electronic components and hard wares, the heat inside it is a thing in the list too. And you don’t want that heat to stay within much longer, cause high temperature can definitely damage the inside parts of a CPU thus causing low performance on your computer and even kill your beloved desktop in no time!

Longer time of computer usage means higher levels of heat that can damage fragile digital devices, so some kind of exhaust fan inside the CPU is required in order to vent that excess heat outside. While a stock fan may work well on a standard built PCs, desktops that have higher end components need more to compensate for them.

Brands of Computer Fans You Can Trust

As the computers expand their needs in certain areas, there so many existing computer accessories in the market today, one of it is—yes, computer fans. But there not only one or three brands of these products existing now. As the needs for these items become popular, there many brands of computer fans that make their own unique designs, styles and functions out of these products. Don’t worry, because there are names you can trust in terms of quality and durability such as DeepCool, Cooler Master and Corsair.

    Cabinet Fans

  • Features: Fans features include long lifetime usage, buil-in three phase induction motor, it clear dusts and lubricates oil
  • Uses: Prevents the computer from overheating as it cools down the components including graphic cards and hard disks. This way Fans eliminates the heat and just keep the PC's temperature limit
  • Brands: Cooler Master, Deep Cool, Silver Stone, and Corsair provides this cooler for your PC

    CPU Heatsinks

  • Features: Usually CPU heatsinks are made from high quality Aluminum which provides excellent cooling performance
  • Uses: Apart from fans, heatsinks able to exhausts hot air and cools the CPU units as well
  • Brands: Cooler Master, Gigabyte, Deep Cool, Intel and AMD are some of the brands making such product