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Flash for Your Camera

Light is very important for photographers as it gives the photograph a mood like no other. Most photographers prefer natural lighting, but when the sun sets, and the dim just got switched on, a simple light is just not enough. However, don’t worry because there are external flashes available. Sometimes, the built-in flash in your SLR/DSLR camera doesn’t do the job, therefore it would be best to invest in quality flashes for your camera. Trust us, they would come in handy.

Even though natural light remains to be the best, prepare yourself to be surprised with what flash photography can do for you. It gives a different vibe, and it helps enhance the right colors in the elements of your photograph. Camera flashes are very efficient when it comes to events with venues that only have very limited lighting. They’re also perfect for taking photos in concerts!

High Quality Camera Flash

Don’t underestimate the camera flash. It comes in so much help especially during photo shoots in studios. In fact, they are the main key when it comes to taking photos indoors if you don’t have great lighting. Using flashes with cameras can give you a different effect each time you use it. You can change the effect simply by moving the flash up or down (if it has that feature) to provide the lighting that you want to achieve. However, flashes may be too harsh and may cause hard lines on shadows, to avoid this, you can simply attach a diffuser to evenly distribute the light and diminish shadows with harsh lines. Camera flashes also come in many kinds. There are the standard flashes, the entry-level ones whose head you cannot swivel, and there are even ring lights that are perfect for portraits. Ring lights make your model’s eyes brighter as the flash will reflect in their eyes.

Camera brands often produce their own camera lenses such as Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Pentax and more. However, there are third party lens brands that can offer you the same thing. Names like Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, and Tamyang also have a wide variety where you can conveniently select from. The likes of macro lenses, to fish eye lenses, they definitely have something especially for your camera brand of choice.

    Built-in & Pop-up Camera flash

  • Description: Built-in & Pop-up flashes are type of flashes made within the camera body. Usually, by using this, you can only take one direction- which is your subject.
  • Uses: To have a clearer picture even when taking at night or inside parties, balance the metering scene and turn the flash on.
  • Brands: Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Pentax, OEM, Sandisk and Sony.

    Ringlight flash for you

  • Description: Ringlight flash fits on the barrel of the lens attached within the thread of the camera.
  • Uses: This flash enables you to get as close as possible to your focus subject and gives light source for contrast and shadows. It brings soft, even illumination focused subject.
  • Brands: Canon and Nissin.

    Hammerhead Camera Flash

  • Description: Hammerhead flash unit is an external camera flash that is not attached to the camera itself.
  • Features: They normally have standard to soft lighting settings.
  • Brands: Leica, Canon and Fujifilm.

    Dedicated Camera Flash

  • Description: Dedicated flash is a type of flash that is located on the top of the camera body.
  • Where to Use: Events such as Pictorials and Weddings.
  • Features: This flash is better than other types of this product because it can avoid red eye and instead the flash bounce to the subject.
  • Brands: Canon, Pentax, Leica, Sony, GP and Godox.