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Gaming: Experience that pushes your adrenaline!

Who does not like gaming? From kids, teenagers and grown-ups all have spent those cherishable moments where we have lost, won, or fought between our siblings, friends, and relatives for the prized game controllers. A few hours of relentless gaming sessions is enough to refresh our spirits and keep us charged up throughout the day. Not only that the latest devices, controllers, play stations and VR (virtual reality) sets have taken the gaming experience to an unparalleled level where we become the masters of our own universe. Legendary brands like Nintendo have launched their own gaming consoles that are pre-equipped with attached controllers and contain all the features that will turn you into a gaming enthusiast or even better a maniac!


Tips to be considered while selecting the gaming consoles and devices.

  • Superior controlling:-Control the game completely through the gamepad controllers that have multiple buttons and mini joysticks that could be programmed. The D-pad controller provides superior gliding control over the game and they are easy to set up as well.
  • Handheld game consoles:-The game consoles that have attached controllers enable you to have a perfect gaming experience through their high-resolution picture quality and preloaded games that are fun to play with.
  • Variety of games:-Play from a wide variety of games with new missions and mind-boggling series of prequels and sequels. This allows us to play with the comic book characters and superheroes that we have adored from our childhood days.


Avail the gaming consoles and devices on Lazada Malaysia

On Lazada Malaysia, we offer a wide variety of gaming devices, controllers, and consoles at affordable rates. Purchase them from our mobile application or through our online platform and be ready to enjoy an adventurous session of gameplay. We deploy safe transaction methods and accept payment in either cash, card or through net banking for your convenience. Lazada provides complete assistance to their customers through calls and e-mails for resolving their queries and for analyzing their precious inputs.