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Personalized Listening Experience with Headsets

Nowadays, technology is considered personal. From smartphones to music, people like to keep a sense of privacy, separation, identity, and uniqueness. One only needs to step into any public transport system and see individuals with earphones on, plugged into their mobile devices. Headphones are right up there on the list of essential gadgets, next to smartphones and other mobile techs. They are so important, in fact, they are provided by companies when customers purchase phones and tablets. People use these personal listening devices to gain a feeling of isolation, even in a public place. You can listen to the loud music and jam out in your head without anyone knowing. You can go through several chapters of audiobooks through the course of a train ride. These miniature speakers let people hear all the little details and nuances in music, from interesting lyrics to quirky off-beat notes. Plus, they are far more portable than the regular desktop speakers, so you can listen to whatever you like, whenever you like.

Select Quality Headphones In Malaysia

Before setting out to buy your own pair of earphones, take some things into consideration. First, set a price for yourself. There are many headphone brands to choose from, varying in price and sound quality. Setting a price range will help you narrow down your options. Next, consider the features you will need. For people who often talk on the phone or conduct teleconferences and phone meetings, it is best to get a pair of headphones with microphones so you can be heard properly. Other earphones are equipped with function keys for pause/play, music track controls, and volume controls. Then, find out the type of audio pinout you will need. Some earphones are 3.5mm while others are 2.5mm. To know this, it is best to research on your device, and figure out what is compatible. Finally, know how and where you intend on using your earphones. Athletes will need non-slip rubberized wireless earphones while commuters might need a pair with clip-on attachments.


  • Earbuds: These are small, round speaker-like devices that sit loosely on the outer ears. They are compact, generally inexpensive, and are very easy to find.
  • In-ear headphones: Also known as canal buds, these recently rose to popularity because of their miniature size and superior sound quality. These have slim tips, usually made out of rubber, to be inserted deeper into the ears, ending just outside the ear canal. These are designed for comfort and mild noise cancellation.
  • Bluetooth earphones: These are wireless earbuds earphones that are paired with a music player or smartphone for seamless and convenient listening. Typically used by athletes, these often come with rubberized tips and over-the-ear grips so that users can walk or run without earphones slipping out.


  • Lightweight headphones: These are medium-sized headphones that sit over the ears, and are worn using a thin strap or band placed over or behind the head. The speakers are usually covered with thin foam, and produce great sound quality because of the large drivers.
  • Full-size headphones: These are large headphones that completely cover the ears, supported by a large band over the head. Each earpiece is padded by thick round foam that cups over the ear, blocking out all external sounds. These are very comfortable and are usually designed to produce excellent sound quality. Some are specially designed to have absolute noise canceling features for optimal listening.
  • Bluetooth headphones: These are lightweight headphones that can wirelessly pair with a music player. These usually have connected over-the-ear grips that wrap around the head without slipping or being uncomfortable. These are more portable than the latter two, so they’re great for traveling and working out.