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Household Sensors & Alarms: Effective home security systems

Crime rates are rising every day and it is always better to be safe than sorry. A big advantage of a home alarm system is its usefulness in deterring crime. Household sensors & alarms give you a way to help protect your home while you're away, when you're sleeping, or when you're preoccupied with household responsibilities and might not be aware of intruders. Almost all household sensors and alarm systems are easy to learn and operate.


Why should you consider purchasing household sensors & alarms?

  • Fire alarms and heat sensors:-The fire alarms and heat sensors use photoelectric technology to detect smoke and heat. They have an effective detecting range of around 20 meters and are perfect for shopping malls, banks, hotels, cinemas, offices, companies, factories, or homes.
  • Doorbells and Intercoms:-The wireless doorbells are polyphonic doorbells that are elegant and minimalistic. They produce sound waves that travel long distances with crystal clear tones. They are made with ABS plastic which makes them lightweight, dustproof, and waterproof. The intercoms are manufactured with an aluminum alloy panel, a 7 inch HD LCD screen, and an IR camera with night vision. The intercoms do not consume a lot of power and are oxidation-proof.
  • Photoelectric infrared sensors:-The photoelectric infrared sensors are automatic sensors that sense ambient changes and when the beam is being interrupted. These sensors are equipped with premium shells that are waterproof and practical. The outer shells of the sensors greatly extend the life of the launching tube, while lowering its power consumption. They are intelligent alarm systems that respond quickly to disturbances and have an alarm distance up to 100m in an outdoor environment.


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