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Injury Support & Braces in Malaysia: Gentle support for your injuries

Injury support & braces are medical equipment that is worn to limit movement in those who have suffered an injury or are recuperating from a surgery. The braces help to relieve pain, inflammation and also help the wearer to prevent injury during contact sports.


Why should you consider purchasing Injury Support & Braces?

  • High-quality materials:-The protective knee braces are crafted with extremely soft and flexible materials such as elastic fabric and tourmaline. A magnetic stone is placed inside the braces helps to relieve body pain, inflammatory swelling, and analgesic swelling. They are safe and comfortable for daily use and also improve blood circulation.
  • Corrects postures:-The lumbar support braces are medical equipment that supports your back, waist and corrects poor posture. They help to prevent humpbacks, cures scoliosis and any muscle curvatures. These braces are crafted with breathable materials such as neoprene and elastic fabric that helps to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. They come with a double-pull adjustable strap to ensure that there is no unnecessary strain on your shoulder muscles.
  • Supports and stabilizes:-The ankle support brace is a practical and efficient product that supports and stabilizes weak or injured ankles. They are made from rubber, nylon and polyester materials. The elasticity of the materials is designed to fit the arch of your feet and ankle snugly. They help to relieve pain and inflammation caused due to hallux valgus and plantar fasciitis.


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