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Print Out the Photo You Took with the Instant Camera

Before the production and popularity of the digital and phone cameras, the instant camera was the device that was looked upon for the advancement of photography. No longer was the camera a very complicated gadget that will be costly just to get a picture developed; it was now a fast and reliable way to get the photo in an instant. Simply point, shoot, and print. The photo is now available in your hands. Today, the instant camera is pretty much obsoleted by the newer and more convenient DSLRs and digital cameras on phones, but for some, this type of shooter is still very fun to own, especially if you are still a fan of the printed photo.

Get the Best Instant Camera that You can Use with Your Friends

One of most unique features that the instant camera possess is its built-in developing system, printing out the picture instantly as you snap a photo. You can load up the shooter with pre-size photo papers that will turn into developed photos, once you shoot a scene or a person with the camera. While a bit bulky and big, this type of device is still popular for the very casual people, who still value printed photos for their scrap book, or for some photographers who would need a physical copy of their photos in an instant. There are multiple brands of the instant cameras still in circulation on the market today, with brands like the Fujifilm Instax and Polaroid instant cameras in Malaysia still selling fast due to its high fanbase. If you are planning to get the most suitable instant shooter for you, you can start looking through online review sites and e-commerce shops for the list of available instant cameras around. If the criteria you are looking are the best instant camera Malaysia prices and instant camera film prices in Malaysia, then you should look no further than Lazada Malaysia! With more than one thousand choices, you are free to choose ones that you love for the best of deals and prices every day!

    Standard Instant camera

  • Overview: The first and more traditional version of the instant camera, this device is the one that users and fans are currently associated with. Its usage is simple and the device is iconic enough despite the tweaks in design throughout the years.
  • Features: The basic instant camera uses a point and shoot format, where once the picture is taken, the photo is printed immediately. Shots are only limited by the number of loaded papers on the tray.
  • Uses: This very casual and fun camera is often used by people who still would want to get a properly printed picture that they can put on a physical album, a scrapbook, or even frame up with the rest of the family pictures displayed on a wall.

    Instant Digital Camera

  • Overview: Not all of the instant cameras in Malaysia out rely on film technology. In fact, majority of the printing cameras today rely on digital technology to print out the photos as accurately as possible. These are the instant digital cameras
  • Features: This variety of the digital camera still lets you print out the photos you’ve taken, but also saves them on the camera’s internal storage, giving you both physical and digital copies of your shot. The printing is also enhanced with the camera’s latest specs keeping the printing of the picture more accurate and high-res.
  • Uses: While marketed to a more high-end target audience, this device is also quite popular to the traditional instant camera users, as its advanced features makes this camera more useful. You can also use the device as a normal digicam, if you aren’t satisfied with the printing option.