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LED TV in Malaysia: Beyond Your Ordinary TV

Enhance your television and viewing experience to its full potential. Remember the times when you hit your televisions on its side just for it to look better? Long were the days when you will be frustrated about your television's display because LED TV is the best for providing the best TV display.

Let us remember the times when people climb their roof so that they can adjust the quality of their TV’s resolution. Dipole antennas sound like a morbid scenario; it will accidentally disconnect from the television from time to time and this will make you frustrated. LED TV will save you from any viewing chaos. This flat screen multicolored display device is one of the best innovations made by mankind. It is energy-wise, efficient, durable, and visually captivating. If you want to get your own LED TV, find the best LED TV in Malaysia price for you by looking through the LED TV in Malaysia price list on Lazada Malaysia.

Best LED TVs in Malaysia

LED-backlit LCD TV is convenient to own, especially in the Philippines, where television is one of the main sources of entertainment. With its flat screen feature, it saves a lot of space in your house. Not just that, it really saves energy compared to other kinds of television. You will never have a problem with your electric bills again. Educating oneself before buying a product is normal and natural for wise buyer. You may also check the top and best flat screen television for you. Also, LED TV can be sold in affordable prices. You may check for reviews online for smart buying. So what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching with your LED television.

    Standard LED TV

  • Type: The LED television uses light emitting diodes to provide power-friendly and high resolution backlighting on an LCD screen. This allows the TV to stream HD content that can be viewed and appreciated by viewers. The LED TV also boasts a lot of connectivity.
  • General Specs: The LED TV often display Full HD capabilities, often in the 720p to 1080p margin. These TVs also have ample connectivity features, allowing you to connect several devices on them like DVD players, consoles, and even desktop and laptop PCs.
  • Product variants: LED TVs come in different sizes and forms. The most common and often bought is the standard 32-inch TV. Other variants include the 40-inch LED, 55-inch Full-HD LED TV, amore portable 24-inch TV, and 65-inch home theater TV.

    3D Smart TV

  • Type: The 3D Smart TV is widely considered as a technologically advanced LED TV that adds more features to an already established device. The 3D TV retains the HD resolution, multi-connectivity, and energy-saving features of the LED, and adds 3D capability, visible through 3D glasses, and Internet capability through the TV’s Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.
  • General Specs: The 3D Smart TV sports Full-HD capability, up to 1080p, with added 3D capability and Internet connectivity. This television also has app support and an OS, allowing you to run apps and install programs to the TV similar to a PC.
  • Product variants: Compared to the LED TVs Smart TVs come in much larger sizes and forms. The Smart TV often averages around 32-inch to 60-inch in size. Almost all 3D TVs come with 3D glasses alongside its package.

    Curved OLED TV

  • Type: Generally seen as a sleek and smooth TV, the Curved OLED television is naturally a beautiful electronic appliance that maximizes its exterior design for a more cleaner and clearer resolution. The TV is curved inward to let the viewer experience similar feel with that of a movie. The OLED also makes the TV more fluid.
  • General Specs: The Curved OLED TV comes in different sizes, each comprising Full-HD to 4K resolutions. The OLED TV’s organic design makes the motion more fluid, pretty much like watching a true scene right in front of you. The curve also adds to the visual resolution to the television.
  • Product variants: Curved OLEDs are much more larger in design and size, often coming in larger than 40-inches. So far, high end brands like Sony and Samsung provides the curved OLED TV.