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Buckle-Up with Men’s Belt

Belts today are not just for mere support for lower clothing: it is something more. Today, men are being keen and picky to what they wear. Men fashion is believe by many that it is easy and simple, what do they don't know is there is more than just a shirt and pants. There is the belt for men that is both functional and stylish.

One of the must have for men's fashion are belts. You should have a designated belt for different occasion. If you are in formal gathering, a good class of leather belts is much in need. Moreover, the color of your belt should much your shoes so if your shoes are black, so do your belts. Belts for men are also made for casual wear too but don't be afraid, matching casual belts to your shoes is not that very much needed. So you are a man a wants to look sharp or if you want your man look sharp, Men's belt is what you need.

Men’s Belt: Add It to Your Fashion

Men's belt Malaysia can be bought anywhere. If you are looking for great deals and more options, online shop is also a good place to find a belt. Belts for men in the Malaysia can vary in different prices depending on the materials like leather belt and its designs; nevertheless, there are discounts being given when you shop online. If you want to look fresh and polished, have a high-quality belt you can count on.

    Casual Belts

  • Materials: Most of the casual belts are made from canvas and synthetic leather
  • Uses: Suitable for any casual outfit and also appropriate for any occasion
  • Features: Belts come in multiple holes for different size preference

    Formal Belts

  • Materials: Genuine leather are the major material used for formal belts
  • Uses: Best used for formal outfit because it looks clean and polished
  • Features: Formal belts come in fashionable and high-quality buckles and made from high standard materials


  • Materials: The material used for suspenders are mostly webbing and synthetic leather
  • Uses: Classic suspenders to accentuate any outfit from casual to formal
  • Features: Suspenders have clip-on adjustable closure and woven elastic strap