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Men’s clothing for a mannish look

They say a man’s look is at its sharpest when matched by proper clothes, it doesn’t matter if it’s formal or not, casual attires can also deliver such sharpness and mannish guise. Clothing for men is not as complicated as how clothing for women goes, there are only a small number of apparels to choose from, surprisingly, fashion also influenced the looks and designs of traditional attires for men.

From polo shirts, and jackets to trousers and shorts, everything that goes in between can be regarded as an “apparel to consider” for men’s fashion. Of course, colors matter. Most men tend to choose apparels of neutral colors, because they are easy to match with all other colors. Also for the reason that men find bright colors a little over fancy, it takes so much courage for them to go with bright colors such as pink and orange.

A man’s search for proper clothing

Clothes have never been out of the line when in talk of fashion, and sales. That’s why there are so many designs, types and brands of these product on the market today so picking and choosing the ideal one for you can be so daunting! Besides the brands and colors, designs are a thing to consider too. Nowadays, men’s apparels are of less designs, most are just plain and simple text while others have only the brand’s trademark that symbolizes their clothing lines. Whatever your fashion sense kicks in you, the best and only way to really be confident, and carry your outfit well, is to choose a get-up that matches your personality.


  • Materials: Cotton and polyester.
  • Sizes: S,M,L,XL.
  • Types: Polo shirts, Round Neck, V-Neck, Plain, Stripes.
  • Brands: Marcino, Shirtacy, Nike, Polo.


  • Types: Skinny, Chinos, Trousers
  • Sizes:29 to 34.
  • Available colors: Brown, blue, Jeans blue, Black, Bleached.
  • Brands: Ripcurl, Nike and Histyle.


  • Types: Casual Shorts, Sweat shorts, Running shorts.
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL.
  • Material: Polyester, Cotton
  • Brands: Nike, Ripcurl, Adidas, Canterbury .