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Sneakers for Men for Anytime of the Day

Athletic or not, a man still needs to invest in a reliable pair of sneakers. They’re good for working out, doing sports, or even for casual wear! A good pair of athletic shoes or sneakers as it is more popularly known is not hard to come across. There are many brands available in Malaysia that you can select from that great quality and superb design. There is a wide variety of designs and styles that come in different colors for you to choose from.

Whether you’re a basketball player, a football player, or a runner, several brands carry sneakers for men that are made especially for these sports: High-cut sneakers for basketball, cleats for football, and light-weight running shoes for runners. Each shoe offers comfort, style, different colors, designs and models.

Men’s Sneakers for Your Everyday Look

Sneakers aren’t just for sports as they can be used for your everyday look as well. This may be tricky though as trends have a tendency to come and go so it is best to select classic sneakers. Always keep in mind that when buying sneakers, you of course need to be attracted to the pair, and then you can start inspecting the quality of the shoe. Make sure that the material it is made with, won’t break easily and consider the outfits that you can wear it with for more efficiency!

    Low Cut Sneakers

  • Material & Types: Shoemakers uses Canvas, Synthetic, Tochigo, Mesh, and Rubber as the materials in making footwear. Available types that you can choose are skater shoes, and running shoes
  • Features: This shoes can be lace-up closure/ Breathable Insoles for comfort and odor control. Padded collar offers comfortable fit
  • Brands: LZD Man, Jump, Nike, 361 Degrees Sneakers, and Converse offer fashionable shoes for men

    High Cut Sneakers

  • Material & Types: In the growing demand of high cut sneakers in the market, shoemakers uses Canvas, leather, Mesh and Nylon lining to ensure the durability and quality of these shoes. Lots of options are available such as High-cut skate shoes, Safety shoes and Basketball Shoes. Sizes range from 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, to 45
  • Features: Over all, this shoes include features such as lace-up closure, Breathable Insoles for comfort and odor control, and Antistatic which eliminate the build up of electricity
  • Brands: Choose your favorite shoes from the brands LZD Man, Adidas, Safety Jogger, and Converse