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Microphones and its Long History

The microphone – fondly called as “mic” by many – is an audio device used to convert sound in air to an electrical signal. It can also be found in our everyday devices such as mobile and landline phones, two-way radios, as well as radio and television broadcasting. Apart from these, they are commonly used during concerts, audio recording, events, and such. Microphones are also used for when using karaoke machines for them to be able to detect sound waves.

The Best Portable Microphone for You

With all history behind it, the mic is now a popular audio item that is used for events, concerts, audio recording, and showcasing one’s talents. Many homes possess a microphone and they come in handy during a family member’s birthday, or any type of occasion that a Malaysia home wants to host. There are different brands of microphones that are available in the market nowadays that possess a variety of sound quality, and hardware quality as well. There are many brands that manufacture these items, don't worry about the price as there are brands that create mics that are affordable and are durable.

As technology advances these days, microphone features also improves on different aspects. From wires and cables that delay and interrupt the user’s experience, latest models of microphones that are built today come with easy to install and easy to use features in the form of USB microphones. This handy microphone lets you talk and have conversation with other people on various social media and messaging platforms. Also, it is best for playing online games; it allows the players to speak with other gamers during game. Aside from USB mic, recording microphone is likewise the most widely used in terms of recording songs in a studio. These types of microphones are already available in various models and you as a buyer have lots of options to choose from.

    Dynamic Microphones

  • Description: Dynamic microphones are the most common in every household
  • Features: It has limited frequency response makes it well-suited to any high sound pressure levels, for loud live vocals, guitar, and drums
  • Use: These are resistant to any moisture makes it perfect for any on-stage performance and doesn't use power supply

    Condenser Microphones

  • Description: Condenser microphones can be found in most recording studios
  • Features: They come with greater frequency, more sensitive to loud sound, uses power supply to operate and suppresses feedback from unidirectional pattern
  • Use: Generally find them on-stage at live music venues, orchestral, or choral presentations. Also ideal for recording music

    Wireless Microphone

  • Description: This microphone doesn't have cables instead it has a small battery powered radio transmitter in its body
  • Features: Most of wireless mic has windshield that improves sound quality by preventing noise. It also picks up all noise from different directions
  • Use: Widely used in entertainment industry, public speaking, TV broadcasting that allows the speaker to move freely while using microphone