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The Xiaomi Mobile Phone is a Heavy Device Contender, and the Numbers Don’t Lie

Chinese brand Xiaomi Mobile is one of the latest groups to release their gadgets onto the smartphone market. Their phones are designed to be sleek, smooth, and overall elegant for most users to brag about with their friends. The phone’s specs are impressive, incorporating the Android OS, and improving it on their devices using the MIUI. To top it all off, Xiaomi price their phones in a way, allowing even the most casual user to get a premium phone without spending that much. While these accomplishments alone wouldn’t make any brand top the market, the brand’s numbers do not lie.

According to IDC, the Xiaomi mobile brand became the third largest smartphone manufacturer worldwide, with a bulk of their gadgets being sold in the major parts of Asia. By 2014, the Mi phone’s sales were so high that it overtook other local competitors, becoming the number one start-up technology brand in China, and slowly expanding their resources and investors worldwide.

The Mi Phone Backed Up by Hugo Barra

Probably one of the most impressive feats Xiaomi has on the group’s name is the recent addition of Hugo Barra to their team as EVP. Barra, who was a former figurehead in the development of the Google Android OS, surprised the entire smartphone community when he spearheaded brand’s unveiling of the Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone and announced his full involvement with the Chinese company. This bold move allowed the group, whose track record is very impressive as it is, to overtake the competition and prove that their Mi phones are the next big gadgets that people need to watch out for every year. If you are looking for a quality device that is affordable and reliable, go ahead and select the Xiaomi device.

Why choose the Mi phone?

  • A recommendable device that is designed and made by the influential Hugo Barra
  • Phones have the sharpest cameras that can shoot a minimum of 13MP stills
  • A proper business phone that can organize any task via the MIUI calendar and organizer
  • Above-average specs, allowing you to play high res games and record 4K videos
  • Pretty much a high-end device on a start-up price

    Xiaomi Redmi series

  • Series Overview: One of the brand’s main flagships, the Redmi series’ devices are equipped with the best specs and features the group could offer. The Redmi is also quite durable and functions best as a smartphone for business use.
  • Product Specs: The Redmi phones all run the MIUI 6.0, based on the Android 4.4.4 KitKat OS. This premium device comes with 1.6GHz quad-core processors, able to run most apps on its IPS Capacitive LCD screen. The series also boasts expansive memory, with 8 – 16 GB internal storage, which you can expand via microSD
  • Available phones: The Redmi series currently comprises three devices, the Redmi 1S, Redmi Note, and Redmi 2

    Xiaomi Mi series

  • Series Overview: The brand’s other main flagship, the Mi series is the more elegant and overall stylish phone series. The phone features unibody design that is both slippery and durable, housing Xiaomi’s impressive phone hardware
  • Product Specs: The phones under the Mi series run the version’s latest MIUI OS. The phones are also equipped with powerful processors, often using twin quad-cores to mimic the fast octa-core processing of other known phones. The phones under the series boast Full-HD resolution, coupled with a 2GB / 3GB RAM.
  • Available phones: Xiaomi’s Mi phones comprises the Mi 3, Mi Note, and the Mi 4. Soon, their latest product, the Mi 4i phone will join this premium line of Mi phones..