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Modems in Malaysia: Excellent in performance

The word ‘modem’ has evolved from the term modulator-demodulator. A modem is a device that allows a computer or television set to transmit data over telephone wires. Continuous development in the field of technology has made it really easy for us to communicate and stay connected using a modem. The device allows the user to send and receive data.

The modem has made telecommunication possible, we can make video calls to our loved ones in just one tap. There are endless possibilities of accessing information on the internet using a modem. A modem is capable of converting digital data of a computer into an analogue signal; which can be easily read and carried by a telephone line. The device delivers high data transfer speed and also allows fax and audio communication.

Types of modems available in the market

  • On-board Modem
  • Internal Modem
  • External Modem
  • Removable Modem
  • Why is modem a revolution in a field of technology?

    • Transmits data:-It transmits information faster and with more efficiency.
    • Internet access:-It enables faster download of data. Graphics and audio intensive applications, multimedia applications and interactive games are relatively more enjoyable and efficient with the use of a modem.
    • Telecommunication:-Modems enable us to do video conferencing and business meetings. Audio and video calls have become much easier due to better its connectivity features.
    • Imparting education:-Remote or long-distance learning can be done in order to impart education to students who are unable to attend regular classes. Virtual laboratories/classrooms, online libraries, audio/video publications are available online and can be accessed using a modem.
    • Entertainment factor:-Accessing the internet using modems allows us to play music on demand, movies, interactive TV, HDTV and much more.
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