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Complete Your PC With Computer Monitor

If you are building your own desktop computer, then you definitely can’t call it a done deal without a PC monitor. It is essential because it acts as the visual display of every computer. Technology has come a long way since the initial invention of it and now manufacturers have equipped it with the best features yet and an incredibly sexy design, too. From having black and white, to various advancements in different monitors that provide the clearest displays, manufacturers these days aim to show colors, images, and videos in its truest form.

For designers, having a great one is an absolute essential. They treat it like an investment since how can you ever work without one? It also come in many different sizes to accommodate what you are looking for in the display feature that you deem fit. These days, you can also hook up your computer monitor to your laptop to act as an extension or maybe a duplicate of what’s already on your screen.

Selecting the Perfect Screen

When selecting one for you, there are a few things that you must consider apart from the design or the sleekness of it. You should also check out the specs before anything else. They come in different sizes that can be as big as 27 inches but if you don’t think size matters, there are some that come with a 15.6-inch display. Aside from the size, you should also determine the type of display you want to go for; a popular choice is monitors with LED display as they are quite affordable and many brands carry this type.

To ensure the quality of the product that you are about to buy, go for the brand of your choice so that you wouldn’t have to worry all too much about how it’s built and more technical stuff. Many manufacturers make their own monitor to be able to cater to more of their clients’ needs such as Asus, Dell, Lenovo and Samsung.

    LED Computer Screen

  • Features: This are available in different sizes, great features include 4 times clearer than full HD, flicker free monitor, and compatible to Mac products
  • Advantage: LED screens offers excellent quality of brightness, clarity, resolution and contrast ratio thus giving realistic images to the viewers and even saves more energy
  • Brands: Most popular brands providing best quality LED are Samsung, Asus, Prolink, HKC, LG, AOC, and Envision
  • Uses: LED monitors bring excellent picture quality like watching movies in full HD and playing internet based games. Together with its saving power mode, it is also environmental friendly

    LCD Computer Screens

  • Features: Having one in your home is truly a great add-on to the living room. LCD screens are lightweight, consumes less space in the area, offers lesser heat brought by radiation, provides clear and excellent text and images and provide high amount of save energy
  • Advantage: LCD monitors doesn't consume too much power compared to other types and they comes in compact size that makes them very lightweight. Also, LCD's are very affordable and has wide variety of choices to choose from
  • Brands: Some of the best LCD monitors being offered come from brands like Apple, Viewsonic, Samsung, Acer, Lenovo, and LG
  • Uses: LCD's can be a great substitute as TV even without the use of computers, can be a digital camcorder, security monitor and wall monitor