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Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
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OTG Drives in Malaysia: The two-way storage device

The USB On-The-Go is usually known as USB OTG or simply OTG. This is basically a storage device that can be used with tablets, smartphones with OTG support and USB compatible devices such as laptops and computers. The OTG Drives can be used in two ways, at one end they act as a removable media, as a host device when connected to the smartphone or tablet. At the other end, it is used as a USB Mass Storage Device when connected to the computer system. In simple terms, a USB OTG drive depicts the example where a gadget works both as a master and a slave.

How an OTG Drive benefits the user?

  • Acts as an External Storage Device:-The OTG Drive can be used as an External Storage Device for your smartphone or tablet. Songs, movies or data which you want to access occasionally can be stored in USB OTG Drive that you can plug in whenever you want to. You will even be able to back up data from your mobile phone to OTG Drive.
  • Transfer Speeds:-The OTG Drives come with USB 3.0 connectivity which offers a transfer rate up to 4.8 GB per second. It is seen that even the fastest-performing SD cards cannot meet this speed.
  • Portability:-OTG Drives are smaller in size than that of hard-disk drives. So you can easily carry this drive in your pocket or even attach it to a keychain. In spite of their small size, OTG Drives are highly durable which make them a preferred device that can be conveniently carried on a daily basis.
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