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Home Artist Brushes & Tools: For a complete painting experience

Brushes and paint boxes are the basic tools for any amateur or professional artist. Paint brushes can be of different types depending on the type of paint and canvas. They are made from nylon, animal hair or synthetic materials and come in different sizes.

The point of the brush enables an artist to paint in different strokes and distorted points can often lead to less attractive paintings. Colour pallets, drawing pens, watercolours, poster colours, oil pastels are the accessories that every aspiring artist must behold.

Tips to be considered when selecting home brushes and tools:

  • Multi-purposed silicone & painting brushes: The silicone brush set come with brushes of different point heads that are used for shaping, carving, and finishing clay pots or sculptures. They can also be used to erase the fingerprints from the clay sculptures. The painting brushes have a nylon tip and light wooden handle that enables an artist to paint in water, poster or oil colours conveniently.
  • High-quality paint tray pallets: Paint pallets are made from high-quality PP material and have multiple paint wells and a thumb hole that enables an artist to hold them comfortably while painting. Their compact design and light weight make them suitable for both professional artists and students.
  • Durable mixing tools: Paint mixing tools made with stainless steel heads and wood enables a professional artist to mix different colours and thick paints. The high-quality wooden body and stainless steel frames used in them also enhance their durability.

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