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Printers and Ink: Provide a Hard Copy of your Document

Hard copy material is a necessity for both students and professionals. Too have a printed copy in your hand you will gonna need to have a printer much more convenient if it will come with free ink. Say goodbye to hassle days wherein you need to look for a computer shop so that you can print a document. It will be convenient if you have your own printer at home. Some models are capable of direct printing, scanning and photocopying. Different brands have already launched their own design. Have a time checking these different brands that offer quality printers - Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, and Samsung - who continue to innovate and expand the ability of their products but also remain to deliver great quality printing.

Printers and Ink: Your Computers Best Buddy

If you have a budget then it will be absolutely nice if you will gonna invest it into printers, besides most of them are pretty affordable nowadays. Match better if you will gonna accompany it with an extra ink so that you can refill it once its empty. Invest your money to a hassle free work by choosing your printers now. If you have been looking for the best printers on sale or simply want to know what are the best printers in Malaysia, then you have made the right decision by Lazada Malaysia. Here you can enjoy the most affordable printer Malaysia price and also deals and special discount rates that come with them today!


  • Input Capacity: Inkjet printers has an input capacity of 50 sheets of A4 plain paper (75g/m2) and/or 10 sheets of premium glossy photo paper
  • Output Capacity: It has an output capacity of 30 sheets of A4 plain paper and 20 sheets of premium glossy photo paper
  • Printer: This inkjet has a dot per inch of 5760 x 1440 for printer
  • Scanner: For scanners, it has a dot per inch of 600x1200
  • Copy Speed: Get your print easily as this ink can produce in 5 sec for black ink and 10 sec for colored


  • Printing Speed: Printing speed of laser printer is 21ppm
  • Printing Resolution: The printing resolution of laser printer is 2400 x 600 dot per inch
  • Function: It can serve as compact, print, and personal laser printer

    Dot Matrix

  • Printing Speed: It has a printing speed of High Speed Draft10/12/15 cpi/High Speed Draft Condensed17/20 cpi
  • Print Direction: The print direction of dot matrix is bi-direction with logic seeking
  • Operating System: Dot matrix printer operates on Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / 7 and Microsoft Windows Vista
  • Special Feature: Print all you can as it can print up to 347 character per second


  • Color: Inks that are available are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
  • Uses: Refill your empty cartridge or print a black or colored document
  • Advantage: It always good to reserve for an inks, besides they have a 2 year shelf life storing one won't be a problem